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Silicones are the Ideal Ingredients for Clean Beauty

By Max Brockbank | Oct 18, 2019
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Rumor has it that silicones are acne-inducing and pore-clogging and should be avoided at all costs. They have a bad rap in the beauty industry and more often than not, people tend to shy away from this ingredient. But are silicones really the “bad” ingredient that they’ve been made out to be?

We’re here to tell you that silicones are actually great for improving the feel, appearance, and performance of you beauty products. Fun fact: they’re actually ideal ingredients for clean beauty!

What is clean beauty?

Clean beauty is rather subjective. Its definition varies from brand to brand due to the fact that there is no exact definition for what clean beauty is and no one source regulating its meaning. Here at Wander Beauty, we define clean beauty as: ingredient safety taking priority above all other factors, including its source. We believe in using the best ingredients for your skin regardless if it is natural or synthetic.

Did you know not all natural ingredients are safe and not all synthetic ingredients are unsafe? For example - you wouldn’t use poison ivy on your face just because it’s “natural.”

At Wander Beauty, we focus on using materials that are safe and beneficial for your skin. We prioritize not using any components that may cause harm or irritation to your skin. Our ingredient “blacklist” is ever-changing as new research is constantly arising. In fact, all of our products are free of: cruelty, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and synthetic fragrance. We strive to do our best so that you can feel and look your best while getting gorgeous on the go!

What are silicones?

When you hear the word “silicone,” what pops in your mind? For many people, eerie thoughts of synthetic materials arise. Although silicones are synthetic, they are derived from natural ingredients and then undergo extensive chemical processing in order to be added in many beauty products. They add a luxurious feel to beauty products because they make everything look and feel even better - especially the texture of your skin. It is one of the reasons that serums and moisturizers apply seamlessly on the skin. Not only that, silicones also help to retain moisture, keeping skin hydrated because it creates a thin, silky film on your skin.

Why silicones are the ideal ingredients for clean beauty

Silicones are the ideal ingredients for clean beauty for many reasons. First and foremost, they are not animal-derived which makes it vegan approved as cruelty-free ingredients. There are many types of silicone-based ingredients and they should not be treated all the same. The types of silicones that are commonly found in beauty products have undergone extensive research and are considered safe for consumer use. One of the misconceptions about silicones is that they cause irritation. Silicones are noncomed­ogenic, nonacnegenic, nonirritating and hypoalle­rgenic. They actually lower risks of irritation because they cause ingredients to spread evenly during application which minimizes percentages of potentially irritating forms of ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and salicylic acid.

Should you use a silicone primer?

Silicone primers help your makeup stay all day while diminishing the appearance of pores and redness. They help to even out any uneven texture and provide a smooth base for you to apply foundation. Our favorite silicone primer that provides seamless application is Smooth Sailing Perfecting Primer. Its silky, lightweight formula blends beautifully into skin and leaves behind an even canvas that prevents makeup from budging. Even if you’re not planning to wear makeup, you can wear Smooth Sailing alone to blur imperfections on no makeup days.

Do you use silicone in your beauty routine? Have more questions about this ingredient? Tell us at @wander_beauty!

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