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What is Wanderess Miles Rewards?

The Wander Rewards is our loyalty program that gives you access to exclusive products and discounts! This is complimentary and allows you to earn miles every time you shop on wanderbeauty.com, connect with us on social media, and more.

How do I earn miles?

You can earn miles by doing the following: Sign up: Create an account and earn 50 miles. Purchases: Qualifying purchases earn miles for each dollar your spend, depending on your tier. Product Reviews: Reviews are only eligible if accessed via the review email sent to you after a product purchase: 10 miles Birthday Coupon: Tell us when your birthday is and you'll receive a $10 gift card to celebrate
Follow us on Instagram: 25 miles
Share us on Facebook: 15 miles
Follow us on Facebook: 15 miles

Can I earn miles on my previous transactions before joining the loyalty program?

Unfortunately, we cannot award miles for previous purchases. In order to collect miles, you need to be enrolled in the program at the time of the purchase.

What if my order is returned or canceled?

Miles associated with orders that have been returned or canceled will be credited to your account balance.

Can I send some of my miles to a friend?

Miles are non-transferable; cannot be exchanged, sold, or returned.

Who is eligible?

Everyone! Create an account and start earning!

Where can I find my rewards?

To view your current miles, you can click on the “Rewards” link at the top of the page while logged in.

Can I return a reward that I redeem?

Unfortunately, you cannot return a reward. Please make sure you double-check the items before checking out.

Can I combine my loyalty reward with other offers?

If you redeem your miles for a product, you cannot combine this with any other promotion.

Do miles expire?

Rewards miles will expire after 12 months of Rewards account inactivity.

How can I redeem my miles?

At checkout, you’ll have the option to redeem your miles if eligible. Redeem 125 miles for $5 off your purchase, 250 miles for $10 off, and 500 miles for $20 off your purchase.