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How To Master The Fake Lash Look Without Wearing False Lashes

By Danielle Lewis | Feb 10, 2020
How To Master The Fake Lash Look Without Wearing False Lashes

Let’s face it: lashes really make all the difference. Want to create drama? Add a lash! Need to open your eyes to fake awake? Lash out!

But, what if you have no idea how to apply false lashes? Or you just don’t care to add an extra step to your routine? Can you achieve a faux lash look sans false lashes? Keep reading for our best tips for making your lashes look fuller and more fabulous, no false lash required.

Show Your Bare Lashes Some Love

Your lashes deserve the same love that you give your hair: Gently remove eye makeup with a balm or oil-based cleanser to keep lashes intact.

You’ll also want to avoid rubbing your eyes - you don’t want to accidentally tug and pull on lashes, causing them to fall out.

Into sleep masks? Us too, but try to avoid wearing these too frequently as they can smash lashes throughout the night and change the growth pattern over time (tip: wonky lashes growing in every direction).

The Ingredients to Look For For Fuller Lashes

When shopping around for mascara, look for formulas that are nourishing and contain ingredients like castor oil and vitamins A and E, like Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara. They strengthen and promote growth all while delivering the lash drama we love. Whenever possible, stay away from waterproof formulas as they make lashes brittle during wear, are harder to remove (leading to more tugging and rubbing) and make lashes more likely to break off.

Add Fullness with Tightline Liner

Before you apply mascara, the fastest way to make your lashes appear fuller is to create the illusion of a shadow at the lash base, where your lashes connect to your lid. This adds instant volume and drama before a single swipe of mascara is applied.

To tight line your eyes, start by applying a jet black eyeliner (a long-wearing pencil is best!) along the inner rim of the top of your eyes (which is called the top waterline). Line the top lash line with a super thin line for definition and pop.

Swipe Right on Your Lashes

Taking your lashes to new heights is all in the swipe. Starting at the base of your lash, wiggle the mascara wand up towards the tip of your lashes. Repeat this 2 times to really coat each lash with mascara. Swipe the wand on the back of your lashes as well. This creates a 3D lash effect and coats both sides evenly.

If you’re wearing eyeshadow, this will also mask any lighter powder that has fallen on your lashes, making them look even fuller from all angles.

Mix & Match or Layer Up

Mixing mascaras is the perfect way to customize your lash look! Use a formula like Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara to create volume, length and curl and then add Mile High Club Volume & Length Mascara to stretch your lashes further and add dimension. While mixing isn’t necessary in the day-to-day, for special occasions, this can give the full false lash effect that you desire.

For less fuss, layer up using a single formula. Reach for a clump-free mascara, like Unlashed, that takes your lashes from daytime to dramatic with just a few swipes. One of our favorite tricks to add even more length is to give lashes a few seconds to dry before topping off the tips.

Give Them a Curl, Girl!

Nothing amps up a lash look like giving your lashes a curl. Not only does curling your lashes pull them towards the ceiling and open eyes instantly, it provides a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed look that makes you look more vibrant and awake.

Have any luxe lash secrets to share? Planning to take your lashes to new heights with our fake it ‘til you make it lash tips? Let us know @Wander_Beauty!