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Why Face Makeup is Always Trending

By Max Brockbank | May 19, 2021
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Think of your face as a canvas and your face makeup the paint you use to create a background for the rest of the painting. That’s exactly what it is, after all! Complexion makeup effectively sets the scene for all of your fun, trendy beauty looks. That’s part of the reason why we love it so much.

Still, it can be confusing to decipher what exactly the purpose of each component of face makeup is, and even more difficult to learn how to properly apply it. Luckily, you’re not on your own, and we’re here to help.

Today, we’ll walk you through the different types of complexion makeup, how to apply them, and finally, even share some key things you should keep an eye out for when picking products.

What is Face Makeup?

Face makeup might seem fairly self-explanatory, but let’s dive in a bit deeper. This term refers to products that are used to color and highlight your facial features. There are several different types, as you will see when we give you the rundown of some face makeup you might already have in your beauty bag.


Foundation is up first because it truly is the base of all face makeup. Foundation comes in many forms, such as liquid, powder, creams, and sticks. While most people have a preference as to which format they prefer, it’s a good idea to try everything and see which works best for you because they all have slightly different capabilities.

The best way to find your foundation match is to pay attention to your undertone. The most important thing is making sure your foundation works with your skin and doesn’t leave a line of demarcation; it should blend right in and provide a smooth canvas to work on.


If you have any blemishes on your face that you want to give special treatment to, concealer is where you can do that. Your concealer allows you to apply additional coverage to targeted areas. Whereas foundation is designed for allover use, concealer is designed for spot use. Again, matching your skin and undertone is important.


Bronzer is more of an optional layer than a base-like foundation or concealer, but it’s popular and with good reason. If you want that sunkissed, slightly tan glow, then bronzer is what’s going to help get you here. Swipe it on your face for added radiance.


Blush is a fan favorite, and frankly, for good reason! Blush is your opportunity to give your complexion a slightly flushed, warm look to it. There are plenty of different shades, so be sure you’re picking one that works well with your undertone. Just like foundation, blush comes in many different formulas so choose which feels and looks the best for you.


Highlighter is similar to bronzer in the way that it adds extra glow, but they’re far from the same. Highlighter attracts light, so it brightens up your face. If you’ve seen a celebrity made up in a way that makes them appear “well-lit,” you’re seeing highlighter in action.


Consider primer your skin’s best supporter (aside from moisturizer, that is). Your primer is going to help you set the stage for all your beautiful makeup looks. It helps create a smooth base for makeup application and prolongs the wear of your look.

Setting Powder or Spray

This is one of the most important parts of your face makeup routine because, really, who wants to spend all that time doing their makeup only to have it come off an hour or two later? A setting powder or spray locks in your hard work and ensures that your makeup will look stellar and set even hours later.

Why is Face Makeup Important?

Makeup should accentuate your natural beauty and make you feel like the most confident and beautiful version of yourself. Wear as little or as much as you prefer -- it’s totally up to you! Makeup is an opportunity for self-expression.

When you’re purchasing makeup, remember: your face makeup is only there to support you -- you’re already gorgeous how you are.

How Do You Do Face Makeup?

Applying face makeup might seem daunting if you’re just getting started, but with a few swipes of a brush, you’ll start to see how exciting it really can be. We’re here to walk you through the process. Let’s get started.

Skincare and Primer

Before you even start applying your makeup, make sure you do your complete skincare routine. Skincare is always the first step. Then follow with your primer. Your skincare and primer work to create the best canvas for makeup application.

Apply Foundation and Concealer

Foundation and concealer are your opportunity to give your face as much, or as little coverage as you want. Try experimenting to see which you prefer to apply first. Some people start with foundation first while others with concealer. You can apply with your fingers, brushes, or even a sponge -- whatever feels most comfortable.

Remember to blend down your neck and into your hairline to avoid any harsh lines!

Apply Bronzer and Blush

We have a secret tip to help you apply bronzer flawlessly: gently move your brush in the shape of a three on your face. Start at your forehead near the hairline, and swipe down towards your cheeks. Finally, swirl back and add some bronzer under your jawline. Be sure to blend. As for applying blush, look in the mirror and smile. Gently swipe the product on the apples of your cheeks in an upwards motion.

Apply Highlighter

Almost done! Next is highlighter. Apply some to your cheekbones and use your fingers or favorite tools to blend it in. You can also apply highlighter down the bridge of your nose, on the inner corners of your eyes, brow bone, and Cupid’s bow.

Apply a Setting Powder or Spray

Last but not least, top it all off with your setting powder or spray. This will help you lock in your beautiful face of makeup and guarantee it won’t all fall off in just a few hours. Ta-da! You’re ready to stun the world with your beauty.

Have Face Makeup Trends Changed?

Trends are constantly changing and of course, face makeup is no exception to that rule. Some trends are timeless, like the appeal of a silky smooth foundation that works faultlessly with your skin. Other trends are freshly emerging.

Today, there’s more of a focus on having makeup that’s durable and lasts a long time than there has been in the past. Perhaps mask-wearing is partially responsible for this; people want to make sure what they apply is going to stay put under their masks!

In addition to this, currently, many people are experimenting with fashion-forward eye makeup. As a result, they’re looking for simple, understated face makeup that can provide that canvas for them to work their magic on.

What Should I Look for in Face Makeup?

Whenever you purchase anything, including makeup, you should look to pick a brand that aligns with your personal values. That’s why we believe it is essential to do your research before you buy!

Clean Ingredients

When it comes to anything you put on your face, you need to be mindful of the ingredients since your skin is your largest organ. All of Wander Beauty’s multitaskers are created with clean, globally sourced ingredients that work with your skin not against it. This means that the products are formulated without toxic, unhealthy ingredients. We’re proud that our multitaskers are paraben, phthalate, sulfate, synthetic fragrance, and cruelty-free.

Cruelty-Free Formulas

If you’ve noticed the leaping bunny on a product, that means the brand is cruelty-free. No animal should have to give their life for a makeup product, we believe -- so be sure you pick brands that support the mission towards a cruelty-free beauty industry.

Multipurpose Products

Who wants to take up precious space in their beauty bag or on their vanity? Not us! Choose multitasking products to save you time, space, and money while also reducing the environmental impact and waste.


Let’s face it: finding the right beauty products can be daunting, but it is so worth it when you find that routine that makes you feel like you glow.

Here at Wander Beauty, we’re happy to be here and support you on that journey!

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