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The Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

By Danielle Lewis | Nov 11, 2019
The Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Let’s face it: There aren’t enough hours in the day. Most mornings you’re off to the races as soon as the alarm clock goes off. Studies show that 57% of Americans press the snooze button, cutting even more precious minutes out of your prep time. Bottom line: your morning needs a makeover! How’s a girl supposed to get glam and get going? Keep reading for our favorite tips to save you time, reduce stress and bring beauty where you live, work, and play™.

Lay It Out

This may seem like a simple step but it can make a world of difference. Designing your look the night before and putting all of your essentials where you can see them will take precious minutes off of your routine. Lay everything out in advance so that you can easily create a look you love and have time for that iced coffee before hitting the office.

Lash and Line

Nothing can ruin your morning like a cat eye turned smokey (and not on purpose)! Do yourself a favor and use your Mile High Club™ Volume and Length Mascara to add drama to your lashes and line your lids. Press the mascara wand into your lash line before moving it up your lashes to deposit more mascara at the base. You can smudge it with your finger or a q-tip (without taking it too far up the lid) for more drama. This tip not only helps you to skip a step in the mornings, it also makes your lashes appear fuller and really makes your eyes pop.

Monochromatic Moment

Push your lipstick past your pout for a quick and easy fix without the hassle. Swipe your favorite shade across your lips then dot onto the apple of each cheek. Blend it in with your fingers (always upwards and outwards) for a sheer wash of color. Using a fluffy brush, blend the shade into the crease of your lid to pull together your look. Add mascara and your good to go. One tube, endless options.

Smokey in a Snap

Take your High Line Liquid Eyeliner and smudge it along your upper lash line. Using an eyeshadow brush, blend the liner into the lashes and then from the outer edge up to your crease, keeping the inner part of your lid clean. Pulling this black shade across your lid instantly gives you a soft, wearable smokey eye.

Stay In The Nude

In search of the perfect nude? Look no further than your favorite foundation. Want to erase the color from your lips so that your eyes are the focus? Apply a thin layer of your favorite liquid foundation to your lips for a nude that’s spot on. Add some dimension with your favorite gloss.

Blow Out Your Blowout

Skip the morning blow out and get some extra mileage out of your good hair day with our hair refresher! A clean scalp and natural texture are right at your fingertips with Extra Mileage Hair Refresher, saving you from another time consuming AM blowout session. The innovative non-aerosol formula leaves hair feeling cleansed, not chalky or powdery like traditional dry shampoos.

Being a time starved woman on the go is no longer a problem with these simple tips! Share your time saving beauty hacks with us at @wander_beauty!

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