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Rework Your Beauty Routine: Why Less Is More When It Comes To Your Beauty Bag

By Emily Chiang | Aug 05, 2019
Rework Your Beauty Routine: Why Less Is More When It Comes To Your Beauty Bag

Whether you’re at your vanity or on-the-go digging through and dumping out your beauty bag is always a disaster. Who has time to rummage through your bag looking for your lipstick while you’re en route to a meeting or carpool? That’s why these tips and tricks on minimizing your beauty bag will save you time, money and a headache.

Beauty Bag Breakdown

It’s safe to say every beauty lover goes above and beyond when it comes to filling up their makeup bag. We always want to try the next best thing that our favorite YouTube star is raving about, which leads us owning an abundance of product that we may never use more than once. Although it’s fun to play with makeup, more often than not, you aren’t reaching for most of them for a day-to-day look. Instead, we’re going to walk you through how to downsize your beauty bag while still getting your desired look!

Multipurpose Products

The easiest way to minimize your beauty bag is to fill it with products that are dual-ended or have multiple uses in your routine. For example, instead of carrying a lipstick, highlighter and eyeshadow, swap in a dual-ended blush and illuminator stick like On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator to take the place of all three products. Use the illuminator end as your cream eyeshadow and highlight, while the blush end acts as lipstick and blush. Viola - add mascara, and your full face is complete.

Are you a lipstick addict? Us too. But doesn’t it drive you crazy to search for your lipstick and matching liner? And do we all really need 40 shades of lipstick? That’s why we created Lipsetter Dual Lipstick and Liner. This multitasker gives you both a lipstick and lip liner all in one product, so you declutter while defining your lips. This lipstick is enriched with ingredients such as coconut oil that works wonders at leaving long-lasting hydration, even after you remove it. And, with a perfect, edited range of shades that creates the perfect lipstick wardrobe, you’ll replace your endless piles of lipstick with a few key players.

Thinking Outside of the Beauty Bag

One of our favorite things about makeup is that there are no rules. You do not have to do anything a certain way or use one product strictly for one use. Makeup gives you the freedom to be creative and customize your looks in order to cater to your beauty needs. One of our best tips for when shopping for makeup is to think about the nontraditional uses a product can be used for. Having this mindset will make the shopping experience more exhilarating and will save you space in your makeup bag!

For example, liquid shadow can go beyond your eye look to also be used as a highlighter on the highpoints of your face. Another option would be to use your favorite tinted lip balm to hydrate your lips and then use it as a cheek tint to give you a beautiful flushed look. This may seem a little taboo but it will look just as amazing as using 10 different products.

Sneak Peek Into Our Beauty Bag

If you’re curious what a Wanderesses beauty bag would look like, we’re here to break it down and help inspire you to update your own!

  1. Dualist Concealer: A dual ended concealer which allows any beauty to conceal with either a matte or illuminating finish. Use the matte end to cover and correct, while the liquid side brightens.

  2. Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo: Use this duo to of course add color to your face, but also use the bronzer to define your eye crease.

  3. Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow: Use the shade Champagne Falls on eyes for a neutral, shimmering look. Simply use the doe foot applicator to tab on product to your eyelid and blend with a finger. Make this liquid shadow do double by blending onto high points of face. This leaves a subtle golden glow that lasts throughout the day.

  4. Unlashed Mascara: We all know what mascara’s for, but have you ever use your mascara to cover dark roots, as a brow gel (on dark brows) or with an angled brush to create eyeliner? Didn’t think of that? That’s what we thought!

  5. Beach Balm: Beach Balm in the shade Dulce adds a little color to lips and cheeks, and even on eyes if you’re feeling a monochromatic, glossy look.

This entire look consists of 5 products and whichever tools of my choice! It’s such a great way for me to declutter your bag while never sacrificing a beautiful makeup look.

Do you have a maximalist routine or minimalist routine? Let us know @wander_beauty.

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Wander Beauty Medium Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer showing both stick and liquid applicator ends Doe foot applicator and stick concealer sides of Wander Beauty Dualist Matte & Illuminating Concealer
Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer