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Beauty Basics: Every Trick for Taking Your Summer Glow Into Fall

By Cassidy Best | Sep 18, 2019
Beauty Basics: Every Trick for Taking Your Summer Glow Into Fall

Can you feel it? There’s a slight chill in the air. Your favorite sweater-and-boots outfit is just right around the corner, and you can almost taste the pumpkin flavored everything. Labor Day has come and gone, and it’s nearly time to say goodbye to Hot Girl Summer. But whether you’re pumped for fall, or you’re dreading the shorter days, the last thing you want is to let go of your sunkissed skin.

We sat down with a few specialists who know a thing or two about keeping your ‘glowing reviews’ all year long. Meet makeup artist and content creator, Lisa, of Lisa J, Wander Beauty’s Global Brand Educator, Danielle Lewis, and the self-tanning experts at Isle of Paradise. They served us the best tips on how to help summer last a liiiittle longer... at the very least, you can fake it. We took away tons of tips to keep you glowing into fall, so read on to learn all about self-tanning tips and tricks, bronzing techniques, and the crème de la créme of glow products.

Fake It With Self-Tanner

New to the self tanning-world? We got ya covered. Isle of Paradise is our go-to for keeping your bronze all year long. If you’re a beginner, the experts at Isle of Paradise suggest using their self-tanning drops, because they can be added to your favorite moisturizer or body oil. You can add as many or as few drops as you want, but they suggest starting off with less and letting the tan build over time.

If you’re a tanning pro (or you’re new but ready to dive in), try a tanning mousse. Our self-tanning expert suggest using a tanning mitt and applying the self-tanner in “clean sweeps each with equal pressure,” to make sure you’re getting the best finished look possible. If you’re a beginner and a little wary of potential streaks, Isle of Paradise suggests using a tanning product with a color guide, so you can see where you have and haven’t applied tanner. After you’re finished tanning, use a face wipe to remove any products from your palms, between your fingers and toes, and nails and toenails. Finally, let your tan develop for 6-8 hours, and then rinse off in the shower. And don’t forget to moisturize!

When In Doubt, Bronze It Out

If you don’t have time or you’re a little too nervous to self-tan, you can always fake it with a little bronzer. Lisa J, as you may know as @lisajmakeup, is a makeup genius and content creator, and gave us the best tips to fake that “just got out of the sun” glow. Her trick? The key is to use bronzer in places that would naturally be hit harder by the sun (think nose, forehead, temples, tops of your cheeks) to make it look like you just came inside after a day by the pool. Lisa’s advice? “Imagine creating the shape of a ‘3’ on either side of your face, starting at your hairline, then running across cheekbones, and then hugging the jawline.” We’re dying to try out this technique to get a natural, tan glow!

Exfoliate Your Way To Glowing Skin

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve likely seen our Global Brand Educator, Danielle Lewis’s glowing face on one of our Team Wander Tips or her weekly Instagram live series, Beauty & Beyond. We’re sure at least part of her radiance comes from within, but her skin seriously sparkles - and she told us why!

She’s got two secrets, and the first is exfoliation. Danielle claims that the way she keeps her skin glowing is to make sure her skin is the freshest it can be. She likes to exfoliate with our Fast Lane Instant Facial. If you’re more into a physical exfoliant instead of a chemical one, try our BRB Multipolish! Make sure you’re exfoliating on at least a weekly basis, but especially before you self-tan!

Face Oils are a Girl’s Best Friend

Danielle’s second trick to glowy skin is face oil. She loves to add a face oil like, Glow Ahead Face Oil, to the end of her skincare routine during the colder months. She loves our Dive In Moisturizer, but when she needs a little extra boost of moisture, she adds Glow Ahead Face Oil to keep it all locked in. Finally, Danielle even uses Glow Ahead Face Oil as a “top coat” on her makeup for a glow that looks more like a “sheen than a sparkle.” Tap it onto high points of the face to get this dewy, glowy look.

Hydrate, Moisturize, then Hydrate Again

Finally, no matter if you’re tanning, self-tanning, wearing a bare face or wearing full glam, your skin will appear dull if you’re not fully hydrated and moisturized. If you’re following all of these tips and still don’t feel like you’ve reached your full glow potential, then check your water intake. How many ounces of water are you drinking each day? It should be half of your body weight in ounces. Secondly, are you moisturizing? No matter if your skin is oily or dry, you should be moisturizing everyday, especially important if you’re self-tanning. No matter what the season, we hope you’ll glow all year with us!

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