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How To Change Your Skincare Routine For Warmer Weather

By Caroline Maeda | Jun 01, 2020
How To Change Your Skincare Routine For Warmer Weather

Spring has officially sprung and summer is approaching fast! Just as the seasons change, so should your skincare routine. Warmer weather means increased humidity and sun exposure, making skin more prone to oiliness and clogged pores. Fewer and lighter products are key to combat increased sebum production and sweat, which when left unmanaged, are a recipe for breakouts. Keep reading for our tips for revamping your skincare routine.


As temperatures rise, your sebaceous glands increase oil production. This helps the skin retain moisture better so it’s not craving intense hydration like in the winter. Swap out your rich cream moisturizers for something lighter.

Luckily, Wander Beauty’s Dive In Moisturizer can be used no matter what the season! The lightweight gel formula provides 72 hours of moisture, without feeling heavy or greasy. This is all thanks to Pentavitin, which binds water to skin and creates a moisture barrier. If your skin is extra dry in the winter, add on a layer of Glow Ahead Face Oil over top to lock in the hydration.


Just like moisturizers, creamy heavy-duty cleansers are best saved for winter use. Try changing it up with a foam or gel cleanser. Drift Away Cleanser happens to be both! The transforming gel-to-foam cleanser creates a soft lather and delivers a double-cleansed effect, even removing the toughest long-wearing makeup. Skin is left soft and nourished, without adding excess oils.


The lips are different from the rest of the skin on your body. They are very thin (3-5 layers cell layers, whereas the rest of your face has about 16 layers) and are filled with nerve endings. The lips don’t have sweat glands and therefore don’t naturally produce a protective layer of sweat and oils. All of these factors make the lips especially sensitive to environmental aggressors.

During the winter months, cold temperatures, dry air, and high winds leave lips chapped and cracked. Lip Retreat Oil is a great cold weather solution. Packed with a combination of oils (Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil) and Vitamin E, it provides extreme hydration, rejuvenation, and healing.

As the weather warms up, the increased humidity naturally alleviates some of this dryness. Instead, trying using a hydrating balm during the day and saving the lip oil for nighttime. Beach Balms gel-like formula is lightweight and still provides lips with long-lasting hydration.


Glow Getter Mist is a skincare staple all year round! This multitasking mist is enriched with Icelandic glacial water and a blend of non-comedogenic oils to nourish skin and provide a burst of radiance. Perfect for quenching dry skin in the wintertime and providing refreshing, cooling relief during the warmer months.

Let us know about your warm weather skincare routine @Wander_Beauty!

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