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How Being Inside All Day Can Impact Your Skin (And How To Combat It)

By Caroline Maeda | Apr 27, 2020
How Being Inside All Day Can Impact Your Skin (And How To Combat It)

For many of us, staying indoors has become the new normal as we do our part to flatten the curve. But how does this affect our skin? Being inside all day has left many struggling with unpredictable skin, even when it seems people are being more diligent than ever with their skincare routines. So what’s going on?


The air in our homes tends to be dry, mostly due to dialed-up thermostats. And while weather is warming up outside and humidity is starting to increase, we need to combat indoor dryness to keep skin happy and healthy. Try placing a humidifier in the rooms you spend the most time in to increase the moisture content in the air.

*DIVYA'S DIY* Fill a few bowls with water and place them around the house. The water will evaporate throughout the day, keeping your skin hydrated.


Don’t forget sunscreen! It’s the golden rule of skincare.

You may be thinking it’s okay to skip this step since you’re not going outside. And while UVB rays don’t penetrate glass, UVA can still get through the windows and damage skin. Not to mention, skin also needs to be protected from blue light, especially since many of us are spending more time behind screens.


The increased anxiety and changes in diet brought about by self isolation can lead to breakouts. In response to heightened stress, our bodies increase production of cortisol and oil, laying the groundwork for pesky pimples. Now may be the perfect time to introduce a retinoid to your routine.

Do Not Disturb Overnight Repair Concentrate is formulated with 1% retinoid to repair and smooth skin while you sleep. Retinoids help unclog pores and fade acne scars while also increasing cell turnover and encouraging collagen production. It’s essentially an anti-aging miracle in a bottle.


Staying indoors can leave your complexion looking dull. Wind exposure naturally helps to remove dead skin cells but being sheltered from the elements can lead to the buildup that’s hiding your usual glow. Exfoliating once a week can help restore radiance.

Fast Lane Instant Facial is a chemical exfoliator packed with 10% AHA and 2% BHA. The blend of glycolic, salicylic, and lactic acids unclogs pore and clears the layer of dead skin buildup. Complexion is left smoother and brighter, while the appearance of fine lines and pores is simultaneously minimized.

How are you taking care of your skin? Let us know @Wander_Beauty!

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