The two faces behind Wander Beauty are not just beauty enthusiasts, but beauty experimenters too. Co-founder and CEO Divya Gugnani’s favorite way to experiment? Mixing her own masks in the comfort of her kitchen! Here are some of her favorite culinary experiments that end up on her face, instead of on her plate.

Divya Gugnani and Lindsay Ellingson Wearing Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks
Amongst being a results driven, self-proclaimed “startup junkie,” multitasking mom of two and constantly on-the-go, I think self-care is extremely important to a happy, healthy life. I have a degree from the French Culinary Institute where I discovered my love for cooking while building a career in finance. I am known to “chef it up” in the kitchen and eating healthy foods. Skincare is another part of my beauty and lifestyle routine that I think should involve only the best ingredients. DIY masking is essential to my beauty routine.  

DIY masks have an endless amount of benefits. They are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals which leave your skin looking youthful, nourished, and radiant. Plus, there’s an absence of chemicals when using your own ingredients and a feeling of satisfaction when you know exactly what is going on your face (and that you cooked it up on your own).

I strongly believe in incorporating a mask into your weekly beauty routine. I always mask on weekends! I make a DIY mask every Saturday and Sunday and during the weekdays, I mask mid-week on Wednesdays. The prime time for me to mask is at night when I usually have a lot of conference calls so that I can multitask. When I’m not mixing my own masks, I alternate between Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask and the Wander Beauty Extended Stay Hydrating Mask.

Divya Gugnani and Her Daughter

What you do after you mask is just as important as the mask itself. My masking routine begins with cleansing.  If I use a peel off mask, I peel first then follow up with moisturizer. Other times, I make my own enzyme exfoliant and then use a hydrating mask afterwards and follow up with moisturizer and let my skin rejuvenate. I love using oil to reach ultimate hydration for my skin. I also never mask before putting on makeup or before I am going out.

One of my favorite masks to mix is a tumeric mask, loaded with skin-loving ingredients:


Yogurt is a key hydrating component in this DIY mask. The lactic acid in yogurt dissolves dead skin cells and tightens pores leaving your skin looking silky smooth.


Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient and is a strong antioxidant. It helps clear breakouts and contains curcumin which inhibits pigmentation and helps deal with dark spots.


Lemon is a natural bleaching agent that helps with uneven skin tone. It smells amazing and brightens skin instantly!


Honey is an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent that does wonders for your skin. It decreases the appearance of scars and increases skin healing and tissue regeneration. Not only is it great addition to masks, when you have a sore throat and have a cold, nothing feels better than warm water, honey, and lemon mixed together!

Mix all of the above ingredients together and put onto your face for 10-15 minutes before washing off with warm water.

What are your favorite ways to mask? Do you ever mix your own masks? Send me a DM @dgugnani and let me know!