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Say Hello To Cooler Temps: How You Should Change Your Beauty Routine Fall

By Emily Chiang | Oct 07, 2019
Say Hello To Cooler Temps: How You Should Change Your Beauty Routine Fall

Happy autumn, Wanderesses! Spooky season is upon us and although we couldn’t be more happy to snuggle up on the couch with our PSLs, we should be even more excited to update our beauty routines. This is one of the most exciting parts of fall in our opinion: The warmer colors have a moment to shine and hyaluronic acid becomes our new best friend as the temps start to drop. Updating both your skincare and beauty routine is essential to really get into the groove of fall.

Switch Up The Shadows

Let’s begin with the most fun and creative beauty product to transition onto your vanity this fall: your eyeshadow palettes. In the summer, vibrant, and fun colors are always the perfect trend but come fall, that all shifts. Fall is all about keeping things warm and cozy and that includes your shadows. Colors such as deep browns, beautiful golds, and shimmering coopers will warm up any look. But don’t think that just because it’s fall means that you can’t spice up your look with some creativity. You can still add some fun colors based on what’s in your fall palettes. Adding shades like deep berries or khaki greens is a great way to brighten any look. These shades are so flattering with warmer tones and can really bring any look to life.

These shades are exactly what we love to rock during the autumn months, and that’s why we created our new Wanderess Rush Palette. Rush is a combination of all the ideal Fall shades to cover your neutral daytime look or vibrant smokey eye for your BFF’s Halloween party.

Bump Up The Bronze!

The worst part about the weather cooling down is the lack of sunlight you tend to get and your summer glow truly begins to fade. Although you may not be seeing much sun, you sure can fake it til you make it! By this, we mean bronze yourself up with your favorite powdered bronzer.

Everyone's undertone is so different, so finding the perfect bronzer for yourself is essential. If your skin tends to pull more pinky tones, we suggest a more cool-toned bronzer, whereas those with more yellow undertones, a more warm-toned bronzer would complement your complexion best. This is important to note because if someone with pink undertones uses a bronzer that’s too warm, they may run the risk of looking orange (we’ve all been there!). But at the same time, if someone with warm yellow undertones uses a cool-toned bronzer it may go grey on their skin, doing the exact opposite of what they hoped for.

Mix & Play For Your Perfect Foundation

We’re not sure exactly what it is or why it happens, but during the summer, you have that constant beautiful glow. Whether it’s your sunkissed skin radiating from your beach day, your sweat glistening from walking from your car to work (the most inexpensive highlighter, right?) or just your skincare ritual truly paying off - we just always seem so much more hydrated and glowy. This year, we are refusing to let go of that look and in order to ensure it’s here to stay we stocked up on our favorite oils to not only include in our nighttime beauty routine but to mix into our foundation. Mixing your favorite face oil into your liquid foundation will add an intense boost of hydration to your skin, leaving your face dewy and glowing. This is an amazing alternative rather than purchasing a new foundation. It will allow you to use whichever formula you have been loving all Summer and use it in the cooler months as well.

Whether your skin is oily, dry or normal adding this is a great tip for just about every Wanderess. It is an easy and quick way to alter any foundations finish and can’t be adjusted based on every person. Looking for a more dewy look? Add a few more drops!

Scrub Scrub Scrub!

I don't know about you, but when the leaves start to turn and the air gets crisp, it’s as though my skin knows it is time to flake (yuck!). Dry skin is never cute, so in order to avoid those unsightly flakey patches you need to turn up your exfoliating game! We recommend exfoliating twice a week with both a chemical and physical exfoliant. Our Global Brand Educator, Danielle Lewis loves to kick off her week using our Fast Lane Instant Facial which is a chemical exfoliant packed with both AHAs and BHAs to ensure the surface of your skin is gently, yet effectively rejuvenated. Then mid-week, Lewis recommends using a physical exfoliant to really remove any dead skin that may be lingering. Mid-week is when she’ll dive into our BRB Multipolish to scrub away any dry patches of skin. We love this technique because it helps your skin continuously regenerate and be the best version possible.

Hello, Hydration!

Although this tip can be used year-round, it is very relevant when it comes to the cooler months. In order to avoid dry patches and itchy flaky skin keeping your skin plump and hydrated is the way to go. Finding a moisturizer that will last all day long under makeup is essential to protect your skin from the elements as well as keep your makeup looking Instagram ready. Our favorite moisturizer is our Dive In Moisturizer because it is so uniquely formulated with 1% pentavitin, which locks in moisture for up to 72 hours.

This step should already be in your everyday beauty routine, but now is when you need it more than ever. The cooler months is not the time to slack off on skincare. Giving it the giant drink of water (aka hydration) it needs is the ideal way to ensure glowing beautiful skin.

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