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Exhaustion Essentials: 11 Tips To Fake Awake

By Emily Chiang | Sep 24, 2019
Exhaustion Essentials: 11 Tips To Fake Awake

Mom-ing and multitasking leaving you with no time to sleep? Getting ready to jetset into the new season? We feel you! And that’s why we’re here with 11 ways to fool your boss, husband, and maybe even yourself into thinking that you got a full eight hours of sleep, even if you didn’t. Are you ready to hack your way to faking awake? Read on below.

Conceal & Brighten

This tip is a no brainer! Using concealer to mask dark circles and brighten under-eyes is key for faking a full night of sleep. Reach for Wander Beauty’s Dualist Matte & Illuminating Concealer to do double-duty and help mask those dark circles. One clear giveaway that your child kept you up all night or you had one margarita that turned into three (we’ve all been there) is the eyes. Dualist works to help conceal and brighten with its dual-ended formula. The matte side is a creamy formula that works to hide any imperfections while the other side is a liquid that brightens. We can’t pretend that this magic combo will give you energy for the day ahead, but it’ll have just about anyone fooled into thinking you’re bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Wander Beauty Dualist Concealer

The Old Frozen Spoon Trick

No time for a Sephora run? No problem! I bet you didn’t expect you can look as if you slept like a baby by using your kitchen cutlery. When you wake up with extremely puffy under-eyes, that typically means you have too much fluid that has gathered in that space and your body needs a little help to get the circulation going. First things first, you need to sit up or at least make sure your head is elevated so that the fluid can begin moving on its own. Next, get a cold spoon that you placed in the fridge or freezer the night before and simply rest the back of the spoon (the curved part that’s sticking outward) on your eye. This acts as a cold compress which will naturally help with circulation in the face. This is a quick and inexpensive way to depuff - not only does it not break the bank (since we’re guessing you own at least one spoon), but within minutes you’ll get that blood flow going and look more awake.

Reach For an Eye Mask

Looking for a more serious solution or a quick pamper session before heading out the door? Baggage Claim Eye Masks are perfect for you! These masks contain three layers of luxury to hydrate and brighten the under eye area, making it look more plump, reduce the appearance of dark circles, as well as working towards diminishing any fine lines. The first layer contains skin-loving ingredients to latch onto your skin include aloe vera extract and camu camu extract. The middle layer is elastic so the mask will not slip off while you are doing your morning routine, or making a meal. The last layer is the gorgeous gold the foil, which isn’t only meant to be a great Instagram moment, but is also is meant to retain heat, allowing you to get the most use out of your serum!

Whether you have a big presentation at work and want to look bright-eyed, or if you already worked all day but have a big date that night, Baggage Claim is a quick and easy add on to your morning or nighttime routine.

Lift, Lash & Go!

I know you’re tired and probably don’t even want to think about doing a whole makeup look, but trust me this one will be well worth it. When you are tired, your eyes naturally tend to look heavier and more closed - our fourth trick is to grab a mascara that will give you a serious curl to give the illusion of big, doe eyes. Adding some volume to your lashes will lift your lash, giving the appearance that you are well rested and the curling mascara helps make your eyes like wider, hence more awake. Our Mile High Club™ Volume and Length Mascara does the trick! It volumizes and lengthens lashes with just one swipe.

Wander Beauty Mile High Club™ Volume and Length Mascara Before and After

Put Vegetables on Your Face!

Yes, you read that right! I too was shocked to find that using cucumber or potato slices as an eye treatment is the real deal. Cucumbers contains antioxidants that work towards healing the skin and reduce an swelling. They contain ingredients such as Vitamin C, which stimulates new cell growth as well as folic acid which helps the skin fight off any environmental toxins. This is perfect for brightening the under eye, soothing the skin and giving your eyes the well needed rest they deserve.

You may have already known how helpful cucumbers are to your skin, so let’s get into the real juice: how are potatoes helpful!? Well, similar to cucumbers, potatoes are full of enzymes such as Vitamin C and starch. These both work to nourish and repair the sensitize under-eye area as well as help with circulation. This is done the same way one would a cucumber, simply slice a raw, cold potato, pop them on your undereyes for 10-15 minutes and rest while they work their magic!

Plunge Into Some Cold Water

In a rush and don’t have time to rest with cucumbers on your eyes or even to add some concealer? No worries! Simplifying by adding cold water to your face helps stimulate the body naturally and give you the boost of energy you need. Cold water causes you to work harder at bringing your bodies temperature back up as well as helping with circulation in the face.

Hydration to The Rescue!

Save your face with one simple step: moisturizing! When you are tired, your skin looks just how you feel. Giving your skin a great moisturizer is like giving it a great big sip of water. Adding this to your morning routine will allow your skin to be able to look plump, refreshed and hydrated, although you may not feel that way.

A moisturizer is a simple and awesome way to add that little pick me up that you may be looking for. Dive In Moisturizer is enriched with fruit extract and Pentavitin which works to hydrate the skin for 72 hours. This moisturizer has a gel-cream texture which absorbs beautifully into the skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing. For even more hydration, layer Glow Ahead Face Oil on top. You’ll look more rested instantly.

Wander Beauty Glow Ahead Face Oil

Water, Water, Water!

I know you’ve heard this your whole life, but staying hydrated truly makes you not only look amazing but you definitely feel amazing as well! Your body is composed of 60% water, which means without it you are bound to feel more weak and tired. Drinking water helps to keep your immune system strong, metabolism working fairly fast and skin remain glowy. Many times people feel fatigue and assume they didn't get enough sleep. When in reality it could be their diet and water intake.

Sleep On Your Back

Ever wake up and look in the mirror to see your sheets have branded themselves on your face? Well, same! Simply try sleeping on your back throughout the night to avoid those unsightly lines we have all woken up with when we didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Laying on your back is great for your skin as well as your spine and neck which is perfect for avoiding neck pain the next morning.

Break a Sweat

This is another simple yet well effective one! If you know you have trouble sleeping, try starting your day by working out. Although it may be rough to get up early, getting that heart rate going a few times a week, first thing in the morning is a great way to ensure you are well rested the following days.

Not only does exercise ensure an awesome sleep that will help you appear more awake, but it works towards keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and active. As mentioned earlier, blood flow in the body automatically gives you the advantage at fighting that tired appearance. Any form of exercise helps keep the blood in the body flowing and making you not only look awake, but feel awake!

Our Secret Weapon

We saved my favorite trick for last! In order to fake awake, a beauty must-have that may not be as obvious is a nude colored eye pencil. Nude eyeliner is able to brighten eyes by being placed in the waterline and corner of the eyes. This is an awesome way to make the eyes appear wider, brighter and ready to take on the day, without it being obvious.

What is your favorite trick to fake awake? Tell us @wander_beauty!

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