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The 4-Step Glowy Skincare Routine Anyone Can Master

By Emily Chiang | Aug 28, 2019
The 4-Step Glowy Skincare Routine Anyone Can Master

Radiance knows no season - during the summer, we want to keep our bronzy glow from fading, and during the winter, we want skin to look dewy and hydrated (even if the weather is harsh). Following these four easy steps will help ensure that your skin continues to glow all year round, while keeping your routine pared down.

Step 1: Keep On Cleansing

When it comes to skin, cleansing is a must - you never want to start applying any products without fresh, clean skin. When cleansing your skin, you want to be sure to choose a cleanser that will either cater to your specific skin type or one that works across all skin types. This is important because some ingredients that work on one skin type may not work for your own, leading you to excess dryness or oiliness, depending on your skin.

Drift Away Cleanser is a universal face wash that effectively removes all dirt and debris from your pores to give your face a fresh healthy look and feel. Drift Away is enriched with ingredients such as coconut water, which is known to cleanse skin without stripping it of its natural moisture barrier. It is also infused with seawater to absorb any toxins and sea kelp to help protect skin against cell-damaging free radicals.

Drift Away begins as a gel formula and turns into a foam (although it’s sulfate-free) as you continue to lather it on your skin, it will begin to absorb and remove any buildup of dirt and oils from your day. So why is this step one? Because in order to get beautiful glowy skin, starting with a clean canvas is key. If you were to rush to steps 2-4 you’ll risk just layering more product onto potentially clogged pores, which will eventually lead to breakouts - which will give you the opposite of the glow you’re going for!

Step 2: More Moisturizer Please

What makes skin look so glowy and beautiful? When it looks as though it just took a big drink of water! Moisturizing your skin is exactly that. No matter what your skin type is, you should always be moisturizing. Many people assume that because they have oily skin, they should not add more moisture to their face - but that is far from the case. In fact, most people have oily skin because their skin is going into overdrive trying to produce more oils to moisten the barrier of the skin. Therefore if you moisturize, your skin is balanced, producing less oil.

If you’re looking for a moisturizer that is hydrating but still is enriched with all those skin-loving ingredients, reach for Dive In Moisturizer. Dive In was created with all skin types in mind, but its ingredients are what truly makes it stand out. It contains 1% Pentavitin, which helps bind water to the skin creating a natural moisture barrier, resulting in 72 hours of hydration. Pentavitin is a plant-derived extract that is so unique and special - unlike many other hydrating ingredients, it can not be washed away.

Step 3: Oils & Serums Are Your BFF

Step 3 is where you get to have the most fun. There are so many amazing oils, serums and ampoules - the options seem truly endless. Adding an oil or serum to your skincare routine is perfect for amping up that glow. Oils are amazing for locking in your moisturizer and really sealing it into place. Some of our favorites are Glow Ahead Face Oil, which balances your skin, hydrates and reduces the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles.

Another option to incorporate into your routine is an ampoule, like Layover Hydrating Ampoule. An ampoule is a supercharged version of a serum. It will intensely hydrate the skin all while giving the immediate appearance of a more glowy and healthy look.

Step 4: Plump Up Those Under Eyes!

Our last and final step to reveal beautiful, glowing and healthy skin is to apply an eye mask, like Baggage Claim Eye Masks. Baggage Claim works to hydrate, plump and diminishes the appearance of dark circles in your under eye area, which is one of the most sensitive areas of the face. A huge part of maintaining an illuminated healthy appearance is by getting rid of any undereye darkness. Dark and sunken in under eyes give the appearance of you looking tired and worn down.

So how does Baggage Claim work its magic? Baggage Claim was created with three layers, each having its own unique purpose. The outer layer is not only made for beautiful Instagram pictures but is, in fact, a gold foil that helps retain heat and can really allow the serum to work even harder. The middle layer is made of elastic, this way you can multitask without the masks sliding down your face. The last layer is what actually lays on your skin. It is made up of cellulose fiber which condenses and allows your skin to obtain the key ingredients of Baggage Claim quickly and effectively so you get the most out of your mask!

So, as you can see - glowing skin doesn't need a 20-step routine. What does your current skincare routine look like? If it's nonexistent, these 4 steps are the perfect start.

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