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Your Face Oil Fact Sheet for Glowing Skin | Wander Beauty

By Cassidy Best | Feb 03, 2020
Your Face Oil Fact Sheet for Glowing Skin | Wander Beauty

From moisturizers and masks to exfoliants and eye creams, we know that deciding what products you need in your routine can be tough. Do I need to use a serum? What is serum? And what about an ampoule? And what’s the deal with retinoids? How often should I exfoliate?

Deep breaths. Wander Beauty is here to help simplify and maximize your skincare routine. Today’s topic? Face oil. Do you need one in your routine?

The short answer? Yep! Read on to learn why.

Seal In Your Skincare

Just like you have a setting spray to lock your makeup in place, a face oil locks in moisture and creates a barrier so all of the powerhouse ingredients in your skincare routine can be absorbed. After you’ve completed your skincare routine (such as cleanser, retinoid, and moisturizer), apply 2-3 drops of face oil to the skin and press into skin. This helps all your hard work pay off! Finishing your routine with a face oil locks every ingredient in place, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck out of your precious skincare so it can go to work.

And don’t worry. Even if you have naturally oily skin, you can benefit from adding a face oil in your routine! Applying at night will help lock in moisture and rebalance the skin’s natural moisture.

Get The Glow of Your Dreams

Have you ever seen those girls who look like they just rolled out of bed with the help of Beyoncé? Their effortless glow says “I woke up like this.” There’s an easy way to achieve this. You guessed it: face oil. Not only does a face oil serve to lock in your skincare routine, but it can help you achieve the glow of your dreams.

Ready to take your glow to the next level? Try mixing a few drops of face oil into your foundation. This creates a customized tinted oil with an extra dose of glow.

Another hack: Mix together face oil and moisturizer for the ultimate glow/moisturizer/makeup prep combo. Apply before makeup to give your skin a dewy complexion that will radiate through your makeup.

Finally, after you apply your makeup, try tapping a drop of face oil on your cheeks (yes, over your makeup!) for a natural highlight. You’ll achieve the dewy glow you wanted without any of the shimmers.

Face Oil Is The Ultimate Multitasker

You know we’re all about multitasking here at Wander Beauty, and face oil is the ultimate multitasker. You already know that it can be used to lock in your skincare routine and it can be used under or over makeup… but wait, there’s more!

Face oil can be used on your neck, shoulders, and collarbones to act as a highlighter and make them pop, shimmer-free.

Additionally, you can use face oil on your lips or the tips of your hair to easily treat and hydrate.

Finally, apply to your cuticles to look like you just walked out of the salon with a fresh mani. So give face oil a try… you can thank us later!

How do you incorporate face oil into your routine? Let us know @wander_beauty!