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Creative Eye Makeup Ideas

By Emily Chiang | May 14, 2021
Creative Eye Makeup Ideas

Here at Wander Beauty, we’re all about beauty essentials that streamline your routine. But, we know how much fun it is to try fresh new eye makeup looks from time to time.

Experimenting with eye makeup is an excellent way to let your creativity run free! After all, with so many bold, fun eyeshadow palettes and colors, why not embrace your inner makeup artist?

Today, we’ll walk you through the different types of eye makeup (because we can all use a refresher from time to time), the tools you can use, and finally, even give you some suggestions for how you can make your look your own.

What Are the Different Types of Eye Makeup?

In order to get to the fun stuff, let’s first get a working understanding of the different types of eye makeup. This will help give you a more comprehensive understanding of what your different products are doing for you.


Eyeliner is a mainstay of eye makeup. It is designed to give your eyes definition and can add drama to your look. It also pulls together your eye makeup in a way that’s difficult to define but easy to recognize when you see it. Eyeliner comes in liquid, gel, and pencil forms. We encourage you to find what works best for your eyes.

Pro tip: Applying eye primer before your eyeliner helps ensure it looks sharp!


If you’re looking for an opportunity to get creative, here’s your prime opportunity! Eyeshadow adds a bit of fun to your eye makeup look. You can keep it shimmery and neutral or go full-on-bold with bright, funky colors. Eyeshadow is also the key ingredient in achieving a good smokey eye, which we think everyone should have in their back pocket.


Who doesn’t love long, fluttery eyelashes when you bat your eyes? Mascara is here to help provide you with exactly that. Every formula is different, so be sure to check out what the desired intention of the one you’re using is. Some will be designed to fan, others define, or lengthen -- but why pick when you can have it all?


Concealer can help prime your eyelids for eyeshadow so that when you apply your favorite shade, it stays on! This product is super versatile, so it has many uses for different parts of your face.

What Tools Do I Need?

Up next, let’s talk about the tools that you have stashed in your beauty bag! It’s crucial to ensure that you’re fully stocked with all the brushes you could need to apply your eye makeup. This is because different parts of the process have different tool requirements. If you use the incorrect tool for part of the process, your results won’t turn out as wonderful as they could have!

A Fluffy Brush

Having a fluffy brush will help you when you’re crafting your gorgeous, intricate eyeshadow looks. If you’re looking to cover a good amount of space in not a lot of time, this dual-ended brush is your best friend.

A Tapered Blending Brush

When you’re blending your eye makeup, you have to be sure you’re using the right brush! Using the Wandering Eyes Dual Eyeshadow Brush is a great way to get a controlled blend. In addition, since it’s more precise than the fluffy brush, it can reach places other brushes wouldn’t be able to.

An Angled Blending Brush

An angled brush will help you contour the edges of your eyes. The defined angle of the brush can help you reach the crease of your eyelid more effectively.

What Colors Should I Choose for My Eye Makeup?

You might have heard it said that with makeup, you should look to your undertone for guidance on what colors to use. While we totally believe that’s the case with complexion, there’s a bit more leeway with eye makeup.

When you’re choosing the eye makeup to wear, you should first consider the color of your eyes.

If you have blue eyes, earthy oranges or browns will allow your eyes to pop. You could also try a shiny, luxurious gray. As for people with brown eyes, you can wear essentially any eyeshadow color -- lucky you! If you have golden flecks in your eyes, try pairing them with a golden eyeshadow. For those with green or hazel eyes, lean towards taupe, neutral pinks, or colors with hints of gold. Purple is also a great option.

How Should I Shape My Eyeshadow?

First, let’s break down the basics of your eyeshadow look: Use a neutral shade on the lid, a medium shade for the crease, a darker for the outer corner, and a light shade for the inner corner and brow bone.

If you follow this rule of thumb, shaping your eyeshadow will be easy. Most importantly, you should make sure you blend everything out to avoid any harsh lines.

What is a Cut Crease?

If you want to define your eyelid, the cut crease is for you. If you have a medium or heavy fold to your eyes, it can lift and open your eyes. You can make it sharp or soft, depending on how dramatic you want to be.

To achieve this look, it’s simple! All you have to do is “cut” across the crease of your eye with an eyeshadow color that contrasts what you’re wearing. Refrain from blending and you’re all set!

What Are Popular Eyeliner Styles?

There are so many popular eyeliner styles, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Your eyeliner can evoke a different vibe to your eye makeup, so playing around with it can help you achieve unique looks (even with the same color eyeshadow underneath!).

Classic Eyeliner

Classic eyeliner takes us back to the basics. It’s no-frills, simple yet effective. Line the top waterline of your eyes to help give them definition and make your lashes look thicker. You can also do the same on the bottom waterline if you choose.

Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner doesn’t end where your eye does. Instead, it fans out for a “cat-eye” look. This popular style includes a tiny upwards flick at the end of your eye. Winged eyeliner definitely takes some practice but once you have it down, it’ll all be worth it! Try using liquid eyeliner to make it easier.

Double Line

Double line eyeliner is similar to winged but it has -- you guessed it -- a second line. It’s gaining popularity because even though it seems intimidating, it’s surprisingly approachable.

Fish Tail

This type of eyeliner also borrows from the classic wing, but it’s updated and fresh. This eyeliner requires making a main line, and then an outline at the tear line of your eye, and filling it in. From there, you should join the lower and upper lines, creating a fishtail appearance.

Puppy Eyeliner

Puppy eyeliner is up next. This gives the eyes a youthful, round look. This, again, is similar to a wing, except you drag your eyeliner down towards your cheek instead of upwards.

Graphic Eyeliner

This super creative eyeliner trend allows you to create your own design! Instead of simply drawing a wing on your eye, graphic eyeliner encourages you to take it a step further.

How Can I Make My Eye Makeup Special?

To keep a long story short, there are so many ways that you can make your eye makeup special! For one, experimenting with colors that are bolder than you might typically go for is an exciting way to freshen up your look. This doesn’t just have to mean your eyeshadow, either. In fact, you can play with colored eyeliner or mascara, too!

If you want to go all out, you can even consider adding a sprinkle of glitter or some rhinestones to your eye makeup to make it shine. This bold look will certainly turn heads when you walk into the room. Right now, creative eye makeup is having a moment. Embrace it!

Get Inspired on TikTok and Instagram

Finally, we think it’s a fabulous idea to take a scroll through your social accounts to take a look and what influencers in the beauty space are wearing. And when you’re there, don’t forget to give us a follow!


The sky's the limit when it comes to experimenting with fancy, fun eye makeup ideas.
Experimenting with new looks is an important part of your self-care routine. As long as you feel confident, we know you’ll look great in all of your new looks. Try ‘em out -- you might just find a new go-to!

Show us your new looks @Wander_Beauty!

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