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5 Places to Visit This Fall and What To Pack in Your Beauty Bag

By Cassidy Best | Oct 01, 2019
5 Places to Visit This Fall and What To Pack in Your Beauty Bag

Fall has officially fallen. Leaves are changing, pumpkins are spicing, and leggings and oversized sweaters have become the new uniform. This time of year is not only the perfect time to use the word “spooky,” but it’s also a perfect time to travel. The weather has cooled and the crowds have cleared, making any destination a great getaway.

We’re always feeling a bit of wanderlust here at Wander Beauty, so we are rounding up a few of our ideal fall destinations. But, we know that traveling right after summer isn’t always feasible, so we’re including a few places that you’re likely able to visit, no matter where you live! We’ve also got you covered on every beauty product you need in your travel bag… because let’s face it: it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t talk beauty! So if you’re ready to fall-ow along, let’s get going.

An Apple Orchard

This is number one on my fall bucket list. To me, there’s nothing that says “it’s fall” more than cuddling up in a fluffy sweater, and spending my time outdoors with the fallen leaves. What better way to accomplish that than picking a whole bag of apples and drinking apple cider in the process?! At least in the northeast, it’s already getting pretty chilly outside… which means my skin is already desperate for hydration. And if i’m going to be spending the entire day in the brisk outdoors, moisturization is key.

Beauty Must-Haves: After washing my face with Drift Away Cleanser, I’ll lock in the glow with Dive In Moisturizer. For extra moisture and light makeup coverage, I’ll mix a few drops of Glow Ahead Face Oil with Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation and apply all over my face. I’ll keep my look simple by topping it off with a swipe of Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara and a little bit of Lip Retreat Oil (make sure to toss this in your bag for touch ups throughout the day)! You’re ready to pick apples until your heart’s content.

Denver, Colorado

This place is a dream come true. If you’ve never been to Colorado, put that on your list as your next travel destination ASAP, specifically Denver. It’s got a little bit of everything: there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, and all that comes with an urban area. What makes Denver so special is that one minute you’re walking through skyscrapers, and the next minute you look to your right and see breathtaking mountains. The air chilly this time of year, so make sure to pack your coziest attire. With the altitude of the city 5,280 feet, be warned that it’s super easy to become dehydrated, so drink extra water and take extra good care of your skin!

Beauty Must-Haves: If I were headed to Colorado, I’d definitely be packing Wanderess Rush, because the palette is just as versatile as the city itself and it’s full of the perfect fall tones. To top off the look, add a slight wing using our High Line Liquid Eyeliner and Mile High Club Mascara (duh - it’s the mile high city!) to lengthen my lashes. As for skincare, make sure to pack your Drift Away Cleanser, Layover Hydrating Ampoule, and my Dive In Moisturizer. I’d also make sure to start my day with Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks to help fight the bags and dark circles that can come from dehydration.

Boston, Massachusetts

Can’t you just imagine it? Walking around the historic Harvard campus, seeing the old North Church, and walking the Freedom Trail, all while the leaves are bright orange, red, and green, This is a perfect fall destination. Take a day cruise, take a tour, or adventure out on your own. No matter what you do, you’ll love every second. With so much to do in the city, I would suggest keeping your makeup light and simple so you don’t have to have to waste time you could be sightseeing.

Beauty Must-Haves: Give you skin all day glow and hydration by layering on Hidden Glow Brightening Cream, touch up any dark circles or blemishes with Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer, and add a little color using our Trip for Two Blush and Bronzer Duo. Finish off the look with a swipe of our Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow and a bit of Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara.

A Bonfire

Maybe it’s my small town upbringing, but it’s not fall time until you’ve spent the night out by a fire, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows. Thinking about being bundled up in my comfiest blanket, talking with family and friends around a fire makes me feel all sorts of nostalgia. It’s one of my favorite fall traditions, and if you’ve never been to a bonfire (or you’re a die hard fan like me), make it a goal this fall to go. You’ll come home smelling like smoke, so don’t make too much of a fuss over your appearance.

Beauty Must-Haves: I think the best look for a bonfire is as minimal as possible. Hydrate and prep your skin with Glow Ahead Illuminating Face Oil, coat your lashes with Mile High Club Mascara, and add a quick coat of Lip Retreat Oil in Spa Day. Then you’re ready to relax by the fire.

Nashville, Tennessee

I mentioned I was raised in a small town, but Nashville was just a little down the road.

And man, is it beautiful in the fall. From farmer’s markets and mom and pop restaurants, pumpkin patches and corn mazes, there’s nowhere quite like Tennessee in autumn. Unlike my other suggested destinations though, Nashville won’t begin to get cold until (usually) around November. This time of year will still be pretty warm, so think “summer routine” when you’re picking your skincare and makeup.

Beauty Must-Haves: Your number one must have should be Play All Day Translucent Powder. This will help limit the shine, and throw it in your purse to keep your makeup fresh all day long. You’ll also want to make sure you pack Extra Mileage Hair Refresher to soak up the oil and give your hair a little mid-day umph. Finally, end your day with Drift Away Cleanser and BRB Multipolish to rid your skin of any excess oil you may have gathered during your (likely hot and humid) day.

What trips do you have planned this fall? Tell us in the comments!

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