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What is Wanderess™ Miles?

Wanderess™ Miles is a rewards program that allows you to earn miles every time you shop on wanderbeauty.com, connect with us on social media, refer new friends and more. The more you shop, the closer you get to earning discounts!

How do I earn miles?

You can earn miles every time you shop, complete activities and connect with us on social media.

SHOP: Earn 1 mile for every $1 you spend.

SHARE & CONNECT: Earn miles by connecting with us on social media, referring friends and more! See Ways To Earn Miles.

Does it cost anything to begin earning miles?

Signing up is 100% free. It will not cost you anything to join the Wanderess™ Miles rewards program.

How do I redeem my miles for rewards?

To redeem miles for rewards, choose your discount reward during checkout.

What kind of perks will I receive from joining Wanderess™ Miles?

Each tier (Road Trip, Island Hop, and Yacht Life) has different perks and you’re eligible for those perks once you reach a given tier.

Perks (like birthday bonus, early access to sales and new products and a free beauty consultation) are unlocked based on your annual spend. Perks can only be redeemed on qualifying purchases on wanderbeauty.com.

Do my miles expire?

If you haven’t made a purchase in the last 12 months, your miles will expire. This ensures that all of our members are still active in the Wanderess™ Miles rewards program.

What happens to my miles if I make a return?

If you make a return, you lose the associated miles you originally earned by buying the product in the first place.

Can I combine my rewards with other offers?

No, we are not able to combine the discount reward off your order's total with other offers.

Where can I find the discount reward codes that I have redeemed?

Check your "Rewards History" to see a record of your Wanderess™ Miles account, which includes all of the rewards you redeemed.

How will I get my birthday bonus?

Check your email on your birthday for your $10 birthday bonus!

If you entered your birthday within 30 days, your reward will be granted in delay by up to 30 days.