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Heading somewhere, Wander Beauties? Whether you’re taking yourself seaside or fireside this holiday season, your mindset should be off duty. And now, your eyeshadow can be Off Duty too with our latest Wanderess Off Duty eyeshadow palette! So, who’s ready to go on an adventure?


First stop... Aspen, Colorado

Getting ready for a day in the snow? Whether you’re skiing or sipping on some hot chocolate, here’s a look that adds warmth to any occasion.

  1. Apply Unplug all over your lid to add dimension
  2. Blend Desert Island into the crease for extra depth
  3. Use Shoreline to blend out the crease color for a seamless look
  4. Brighten your look up by applying Snowbird to the inner corners of your eye
  5. Finish your look off with Unlashed to amp up your lashes and take them to new heights (like the snow covered mountains you’ll be zooming down from!)

Next stop… Miami, Florida

Sunscreen, bikinis, sand and the ocean! Nothing feels better than a fresh ocean breeze with the sun beaming down on your face. Take beauty to the beach with a quick and easy look:

  1. Apply Unplug on your lid for a wash of color
  2. Blend Sun Kissed into your crease for a soft, defined look
  3. Gently tap Starfish to the center of your eyelid for a “halo” eye effect. You can also apply Starfish to your inner corners to brighten your eyes
  4. Swipe on Unlashed to complete your look with lashes that are full, smudge-free, and effortless!

Final Stop… Ibiza, Spain

Ready to watch the sunset of a lifetime? Ibiza’s infamous sunset would be incomplete without a stunning eye look to compliment its beauty. Here’s a gorgeous look to set your look ablaze.

  1. Apply Unplug all over the lids as a base.
  2. Swipe Heat Wave all over the lids for a pop of color.
  3. Apply Sun Kissed or Desert Island into the crease for extra depth and to create a sultry effect.
  4. Add Starfish in the inner corner of eyes to brighten.
  5. Use Shoreline to blend out the crease color.
  6. Apply Unlashed to achieve full, flirty, and beautiful lashes to amp up your look.

What are the dream destinations on your wishlist? What are your favorite vacation beauty looks? Tell us in the comments!