Traditionally skirts have always been worn with flats or heels. After all, both skirts and heels are feminine pieces, so it made sense to wear them together. Much has changed since the athleisure trend took over a couple years ago and no one has looked back since. Many fashionistas have traded their 3 inch heels for a pair of comfy white sneakers. Here's how you can achieve the look effortlessly.

There's a delicate balance when it comes to sneakers and skirts. You don't want it to look too bulky or "school uniform ish." The trick is to pair your skirt with white sneakers. They're clean, sleek, and foolproof. If you want a more casual look, go for a loose and flowy sweater. The sneakers and the sweater tone down the pencil skirt.

We all know crop tops and skirts have been all the rage, so why not throw in another trend and pair it with white sneakers? Notice how every color in her outfit is cohesive. The nude skirt ties everything together because it contains both black and white. Black for her top and white for her shoes. If you're ever having trouble putting an outfit together, start with the bottom and work your way around that. 

When in doubt, go monochromatic. It's always fashionable. And this outfit would be perfect for a long day of class, errands, or even work (depending on your job of course). 

If you think white sneakers are too much of a hassle to keep clean, go for a pair of black slip ons. Black slip ons come in a variety of different materials, including suede, leather, or canvas. They resemble flats so they pair perfectly with almost anything. Try an a-line skirt like the photo above but asymmetrical and pencil skirts work just as well. 
And remember, being fashionable or stylish is no longer synonymous with being uncomfortable. Everyone loves the elegance of a heel once in awhile, but when you're looking to give your feet a break, consider these sneaker options! They're equally as chic but twice as comfortable. 
Photo credits in order: Teetharejade, Stylecaster, CO DE + / F_ORM, Bloglovin'