Postcard Series: Lindsay Ellingson Loves Salty Hair and Bright Pedi's


Travel- hate it, love it?  I love traveling, especially when it's with my loved ones! Although I usually travel alone, I still feel so fortunate to have been give this opportunity to wander the world for the past ten years. My next two trips are to Mallorca and Istanbul, both place I've never been so I'm really excited! 


It’s not a vacation unless… I have tan lines, salty hair and a brightly colored pedi!

Planes, trains or automobiles? All of the above.  I love taking road trips with my husband Sean and cockapoo Carly, there’s something so freeing about being on the open road with our windows down and favorite playlist going!  Planes are of course a must with my job, it’s so nice to disconnect and watch a newly released movie or read my favorite book, which right now is Do No Harm by Henry Marsh. 

Checked bags or carry on? Carry on only! I like to limit my time at the airport as much as possible.  I’ve learned how to pack like a pro over the years and know how to downsize my beauty bag with just a few key multitasking makeup essentials.  It also helps to plan your outfits ahead so you don’t end up bringing your whole closet- how I used to pack when I began my career : )

Travel beauty - bare or elaborate? Both! I stay pretty bare during the day with just a little mascara and Wander Beauty’s On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator.  No matter how far I may be traveling, a little illuminator applied to the places on my face that the sun naturally hits makes me look much fresher- it’s a hot new beauty trend called strobing! At night I like to smudge a little black liner into my lash line and wear a balmy red lip for an effortless yet chic look.

In general my beauty routine is…. Experimental! As you may know by now, I am such a beauty junkie!   I especially love masks- from aloe to hydrate, lemon to brighten and rose to calm, I use one almost every morning before applying makeup. I try and test everything and am constantly researching the latest trends in beauty. I’m developing a mascara right now for Wander Beauty which is so much fun, I can’t wait to share it with you! Don’t miss my tutorials every thursday on Wander Beauty’s Instagram, I love to simplify makeup trends I see on the runway and make them wearable for everyday.

I must pack __________ when traveling? Rose water spray, oversized cashmere sweater and my denim baseball cap.

Best travel tip? Stay hydrated and buy a pair of aloe sox, they’re so cozy!

Upon arrival at my destination…. I order room service (dessert too!), facetime with Sean and Carly and take a salt bath to relax and de-puff!


Favorite travel spot? It’s so hard to choose just one but at the moment I’m loving St. Barths.  I’ve only been there for work so I would love to plan a getaway with my husband. It’s a little taste of Paris with a Caribbean twist!

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?


-Spend a day lounging at the Grand Cul de Sac, one of my favorite beaches in the world!


-Raid the french pharmacies for some of the best beauty products that you can’t get in the States.


-Eat at Do Brazil, I love the relaxed atmosphere and the view of Shell Beach!

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