Postcard Series: Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Loves When Every Day Has A Play-It-By-Ear Schedule.


Travel- hate it, love it? Love it (most of the time!) Exploring new cities and visiting places that feel like a second home to me are what I enjoy most, especially if I am with my husband or family! I love being settled at home too, though, so I don't like constantly being on the go!


It's not a vacation unless... every day has a play-it-by-ear schedule, I am laying by the beach, eating delicious food, or wearing no makeup in the mountains!


Planes, trains, or automobiles? Planes almost always! Jason and I love taking last minute getaways to Malibu or Laguna Beach, though, and those short beautiful road trips are my favorite!


Checked bags or carry on? I will only carry on!


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Bare. The less makeup I have on, the more I feel like myself!




In general my beauty routine is... I use coconut oil to remove my makeup and hydrate, cleanse, then I use Nerium along with an under eye serum and a collagen booster serum with vitamin a & c. I have a few masks that I use every other day to either hydrate, brighten, or refresh my skin. My go-to makeup is Wander Beauty, Bare Minerals, and Buxom Cosmetics. Beauty products are my weakness, and I am all about trying new ones!


I must pack ______ when traveling? Gum, my sleep mask, and Olaplex to keep my hair healthy and strong!


Best travel tip? Be spontaneous, be grateful, stay hydrated, and wear good sunscreen.


Upon arrival at my destination... I unpack and organize to make the getaway feel like home away from home + I am very Type A, so I must feel settled before I can fully relax!


Favorite travel spot? I have so many favorite places! The Montage Laguna Beach, Miraval, Mexico and Colorado.


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?

Positano, Italy: grab a coffee at Casa e Bottega, eat a heart shaped pizza at Chez Black, rent a boat and explore the caves //

Anwhere: relax, eat and shop the local spots, leave your phone in the room!