Postcard Series: Jessica Matlin saids it isn't a vacation unless...

Co-host of Fat Mascara 

Travel- hate it, love it? I love it, as long as the company is good, the accommodation is clean, and I'm not roasting in the sun. I don't like to be away too long, though. I love hanging out with my boyfriend, and I'm very attached to my cat. We all FaceTime! 


It’s not a vacation unless…I'm (truly) out of office.


Planes, trains or automobiles? Planes. Especially international. In my experience, I haven't had internet on one, so I can truly unplug. 


Checked bags or carry on? Carry-on, if possible. I've had a couple of "situations." 


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Somewhere in between. I usually bring a bit more products than I actually use, as I think I'll have more time to really "go for it" with a new makeup look. In the end, I usually end up spending that time pottering around doing nothing or taking an extra long nap before dinner. 


 In general my beauty routine is…in need of an update! My makeup routine is foundation (I live for Wander Beauty's new compact foundation, as it's one of the few that aren't drying), concealer, a neutral eyeshadow (if any), smudgy brown liner, brow pencil, highlighter, and a neutral lipstick. I've been playing with bronzer lately—I'm undecided.My skincare system is on point, though: Oil cleanser, an essence (they're no BS, at lease the Kiehl's one I use), serum, and moisturizer with SPF 30. At night, it's exactly the same, but I replace the moisturizer with SPF 30 with an oil. 


I must pack __________ when traveling? My migraine medicine, Frends headphones (the best), and fragrance. I bring a little pouch (it's a cat face!) that has samples of new fragrances brands have sent me to try. 


Best travel tip? Take Donormyl if you have a super-long flight and need to sleep. These are non-prescription French sleeping pills that knock you out, but won't leave you groggy. I took one on a 10 hour trip to Ghana, and I slept the whole flight, and woke up fresh-faced. Insane.

Upon arrival at my destination…shower. Nap, if possible.

Favorite travel spot? London.

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? Take a walk in Hampstead Heath: Wild and untamed, much of this park is like something out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Lush forests, lacy wooded areas, and rolling heaths, it's so romantic in this really mysterious way. You really feel like you're in another land.

Have a drink along The Thames: Not sure why New York doesn't capitalize the Hudson like London does the Thames. There are so many gorgeous spots to have a drink along the river—it's such an important part of the city, not to mention so gorgeous. Sit on the Southbank, and you can see landmarks like St. Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben, The Gherkin, and the stunning Tower Bridge.  

Get a curry on Brick Lane: I lived in London for a couple of years, during which, I am sure my blood ran Tikka Masala. While I still enjoy Indian in NYC, it's not nearly as much fun here. Walking down Brick Lane in East London is an experience you can't touch, even in New York. Note: People are also nutso about Tayaab's in Whitechapel, nearby. Prepare to wait. 


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