Postcard Series: Jeannine Morris Loves When She Can Turn On An Out Of Office


Travel- hate it, love it? Whether for work or pleasure, I love to travel. Exploring new cities and cultures is such a luxury that I'm lucky to be able to embrace.


It's not a vacation unless... I put an Out of Office on. I rarely do this when I travel, because my phone is an extension of my home office, so sometimes I feel like I have no excuse not to answer emails, but when I'm really on vacation, that Out of Office goes on and I feel like I can be invisible for a little while.


Planes, trains, or automobiles? I typically take planes everywhere I go, but love a good road trip. My husband and I are looking to plan a road trip down the California coast!


Checked bags or carry on? Carry on, always.


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? When it comes to my beauty regimen when I travel, I'm super simple and my motto is, less is more.



In general my beauty routine is... I am obsessed (in a healthy/not-so-healthy way) with skincare. When it comes to my skincare regimen, I play dermatologist, and constantly diagnose my skincare needs at the time and get to work. I use products containing glycolic acid, retinol and moisturizing ingredients. When it comes to makeup, I keep it simple and accentuate my features. As far as hair goes, thickening sprays and root lifters are my best friends.


I must pack ______ when traveling? A charger for everything!


Best travel tip? Pack clothes within the same color scheme so you can mix and match throughout your stay. My go-to shades are neutrals: black, navy, blush and ivory.


Upon arrival at my destination... I unpack everything and move in! I'm super Type A, so setting up my beauty products in the bathroom needs to be done ASAP. Then, I hit the town and often seek out a healthy snack.


Favorite travel spot? Do I have to pick one? So far, it's Italy and the British Virgin Islands. They're two totally different styles of vacations, but they're places I'll keep going back to.


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?

Italy: travel throughout the country, seek out authentic Italian restaurants, sip wine in various piazzas

BVI: swim through caves, jump off the rocks at The Baths, rent a boat and island hop