Postcard Series: Eleanor Langston Loves When Margaritas and Naps Are On The Agenda

CEO of Paintbox


Travel- hate it, love it? Love it! Exploring new cities is really exciting, but at this point in my life phase (with two young boys) I’m looking for maximum relaxation–think beach, spa, seaside trips.


It's not a vacation unless...Margaritas and napping are on the agenda. Also, no iPhones, social media, technology in general is also a bonus.


Planes, trains, or automobiles? All of the above! Appreciate the three of them for different reasons–always feel very productive on planes, trains help me zone out, and long car rides are great for finding new music.

Checked bags or carry on? Checked (when traveling with the boys–it’s key to be hands-free as much possible); carry on (when solo or with my husband–to avoid the rush)


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? In between–I never bring a hairdryer but always smooth out waves with a curling iron. I like concealer, tinted lip balms, mascara, eyeliner. I always use travel times to bring oils for my hair and skin–it’s a great time to deep condition dry parts.





In general my beauty routine is...strategic. I don’t have a ton of time, so after a decade of being a beauty editor, I now know exactly what works for me and how to apply it quickly.


I must pack ______ when traveling? My curling iron! I use a T3 1-inch iron to smooth out waves, so that I can just air-dry my hair overnight. It’s my number-one, must-have.


Best travel tip? Go on the first flight of the day–there’s nothing worse than missing part of the trip you’ve already paid for, and the early flights are less likely to be delayed.


Upon arrival at my destination...I unpack! I love putting my stuff away in drawers, and then I usually walk around and explore a little bit. Maybe take a nap after that–again I’m in a very sleep-deprived stage of life!


Favorite travel spot? Mexico, Uruguay, and anywhere in the Carribean.


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?

Eat yummy foods, drink fun cocktails, and most importantly unplug!