Postcard Series: Deepica Mutyala Loves To Disconnect, Disconnect &...Disconnect!

On Air Beauty Expert & Youtube Personality


Travel- hate it, love it? HATE the destination ;) Can we skip the packing process and security lines and go straight to paradise?!


It's not a vacation unless...there is a spa involved. Oh and wine...lots of wine please!


Planes, trains, or automobiles? Now that I am in NYC and don't get to drive like I did growing up in Texas, I appreciate when I get to be in a car doing road trips so much more. There tends to be a ton of impromptu karaoke that happens :)


Checked bags or carry on? Always checked..I somehow hit the 50 pound limit with my suitcases even with a weekend getaway. It's the beauty junkie in me!


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Depends! I love being bare face during the day, but love to get dolled up at night..hence the 50 pound suitcase..options are a good thing ;)





In general my beauty routine is...bold.


I must pack ______ when traveling? A travel pillow, comfy sneakers, and sheet masks. Sheet masks are your best friends on planes - you may look crazy, but it's the best time to give your skin some time to breathe.


Best travel tip? Create a bag that's ready to go of TSA friendly beauty essentials that you may need at the airport just incase! Mine has things like my dry shampoo, rose water spray, moisturizer, a small brush, toothpaste, gloss, mascara, a perfume vial (hey those samples come in handy) - just a bunch of mini stuff that I always regret not having on hand! You never know when you'll have your next flight delay or lost luggage so it's good to be prepared just in case :)


Upon arrival at my destination...I get all my beauty products organized and unpacked. It's a production but when I don't, I always regret not seeing everything I brought and forgetting that one perfect lipstick that's still in a bag in my suitcase!


Favorite travel spot? Anywhere that feels like an escape from the city! I love NYC so much but sometimes it's nice to travel somewhere quiet and relax - that means anything sailing the Adriatic Sea (which by the way I totally recommend), from a beach off an island somewhere, or heading back home to good ol Texas!


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?

Disconnect, disconnect &...disconnect!