Postcard Series: Dawn Davis Loves Choosing a Color Scheme For Her Trip

Beauty Director at


Travel- hate it, love it? Love it!


It's not a vacation unless... I leave my laptop at home.


Planes, trains, or automobiles? Planes. My dad worked for Delta so I'm biased.


Checked bags or carry on? Carry on only. I didn’t even check a bag for my 2-week honeymoon.


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Elaborate skin care. I love testing new face masks and serums when I travel, and I always bring a few extra layers of SPF products because I know I'll be outsite walking around. But I'm more of a minimalist with makeup and hair products.





In general my beauty routine is... Extensive. As a beauty editor, I test new products every day.


I must pack ______ when traveling? Fancy pajamas I don't bother wearing at home and running clothes. Running is my favorite way to explore a new place.


Best travel tip? I choose a color scheme for the trip (usually blue and white for warm destinations and black and gray for cold ones) so all the pieces and accessories are interchangeable. I also keep a set of beauty products packed and in my suitcase - I never bring the same products I use at home.


Upon arrival at my destination... I unpack immediately. I love hanging my clothes and organizing my products. It helps me relax. Then I go out in search of local icecream.


Favorite travel spot? Marrakech.


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?

-Shop the souks

-Visit a hammam for a scrub and massage

-Eat traditional Moroccan Tagine