Postcard Series: Adeline Duff Loves To Fly...Even On Long Flights!

Editor at Travel + Leisure


Travel - hate it, love it? Love it, without a doubt. I work at Travel + Leisure, after all! Travel is absolutely my life's greatest passion - I'm always trying to visit far-off lands to really embrace and learn about foreign cultures. Anthropology is so fascinating to me.

It's not a vacation do something completely outside of your comfort zone.

Planes, trains, or automobiles? Planes! I actually love flying - even those long, 24+ flights to Asia. I find them to be so exciting, because you know you're in for a treat once you land. Flying is part of the experience of travel - and you can have fun on a plan! I bring cocktail kits, books, face masks, cozy blakets and pillows. I definitely know how to entertain myself on a flight. 

Checked bags or carry on? It depends on the destination and the length of the stay, but overall, I'd say a carry-on. I also love a great, big backpack, which are super convenient when you're traveling around Asia via trains and buses.

Travel beauty - bare or elaborate? When it comes to makeup - completely bare, save a little something on my lips. Wander Beauty acually just came out with these travel sized lipsticks that are really mositurizing - I'm super excited to bring them on my next flight. Skincare is another story, however. I'm not afraid to do an in-flight mask, and I'm constantly misting myself with thermal water and reapplying moisturizer. I'm obsessed with keeping my skin hydrated at all times, so I always pack a fully stocked, travel-sized skincare kit in my tote bag that I stow underneath my seat. 



In general my beauty routine is a big part of my job, so I'm constantly testing out new products. I tend to stay away from any products that include harsh or toxic ingredients, and ebb towards all-natural, organic beauty, like Tata Harper and Estelle & Thild. I also love K-Beauty - I was just in South Korea this past summer and came back with hoards of crazy products. I always wash my face at night, tone, apply serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. Sometimes I'll throw in an essence, and I'll usually finish my routine with a quick spritz of thermal water spray, or Glossier's Soothing Face Mist. 


I must pack _______ when traveling? I must pack a sleep mask when traveling. I wear one every night and one every flight, and I'm always buying new ones - I have a collection of about twenty now. My favorite is Iluminage's Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask. I also always bring a travel pillow (Nurse Jamie's Beauty Bear is the best!) and a blanket to keep cozy on the plane.


Best travel tip? Install a currency converter on your phone when traveling abroad, and always bring along copies of your passport. 

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