SunHee Grinnell

Beauty Director at Vanity Fair 

Travel- hate it, love it? I love it! You learn so much when you get to see other cultures and meet people from all walks of life. Even in different states within the U.S. ;-)

It’s not a vacation unless…I’m with my family.

Planes, trains or automobiles? Helicopter! :-)

Checked bags or carry on? I would always prefer carry-on, which is always the case when I go on vacations. But for work travels, I always have a trunk full of clothes, shoes, bags and lots of toiletries!  

Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Again, for holidays, the essentials only. But for work, from A-Z!

In general, my beauty routine is….Cleanse twice (one wash, then cloth wipe), Toner used twice (two different types), essence (if I’m not being lazy), serum, eye cream then cream. With a face mask at least twice a week, can’t ever forget the neck and hands! This is my nightly routine…;-)

I must pack sunblock when traveling.

Best travel tip? I Google image everything and go on Trip Advisor to take in some real views from actual people. I also try to map out where I will be and all destination points. And always a hat and sunblock, I cannot emphasize that enough!

Upon arrival at my destination…I make sure the room is to my liking, then I must unpack immediately.

Favorite travel spot? For holiday? Way too many to mention, but mainly Positano, Italy. St. Barths, Turks & Caicos and Miami!

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? 1. Walk the town and look up and around because New York is really cool at times with amazing architectural works of art, and I try not to stare down at my phone. 2. I love visiting museums such as the Frick Collection and The MMA taking in classical paintings, they are so masterful and good for the soul! 3. Trying various beauty spots around town!


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