Katie Jane Hughes

Makeup Artist 

Travel- hate it, love it? Love it but hate the flying. I'm not good in bumpy air I get quite nervous but when I get there I like to explore and see the sights, culture and locals shops. 

It’s not a vacation unless… there is good food and cocktails. 

Planes, trains or automobiles? Trains. I would take a train everywhere if I could. I love getting up to go for a walk around yet just being able to step off and carry on with your day. 

Checked bags or carry on? Checked. I love to pack fun outfits and makeup for my trip. As a makeup artist in NY I wear lots of black so I like to wear my Colour garments while away. 

Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Elaborate but always with fresh glowing skin (easy when in a warm place)

In general my beauty routine is… Lots of hydration to prep, I like to glow from under my foundation or concealer, then I just cover where I need too with my complexion. I always do a bold lash (not fake) Just a good macara like unlashed by Wander beauty. 

I must pack my camera when traveling? I love taking pictures of my travels and keeping up with my Instagram posts. 

Best travel tip? Get out and meet the people, soak in the culture and have fun. 

Upon arrival at my destination...The main thing I like about flying is landing, I love sitting in window seats and seeing the place we're landing in. 

Favorite travel spot? Cairo Egypt 

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? Eat falafel (it's the best in Egypt) go to the pyramids of course and explore the souks and markets for some local treasures