Sophia Panych

Allure Deputy Digital Beauty Director

Travel- hate it, love it? I absolutely love it; I’ve got five trips coming up over the next few months (Utah, San Francisco, Paris, Barcelona, and Croatia). Not only is it exhilarating and fun to see new places, but I think it’s so important to experience and learn about other cultures. 

It’s not a vacation unless…I travel so much for work, so I guess a TRUE vacation would be when I don’t have to check email.

Planes, trains or automobiles? All three! Driving stresses me out, but I love renting a car and exploring on my own or with a friend; I find trains the most relaxing way to travel, and planes because that usually means I’m going somewhere new or exciting.     

Checked bags or carry on? Checked — I wish I was the type of person who packed lightly but it just never, ever happens. 

Travel beauty - bare or elaborate? Not completely bare, but definitely on the barer end of the spectrum. I pack the basics (foundation, concealer, brow pencil, blush, eyeliner, mascara) and then a couple of items that feel appropriate for where I’ll be — like red lipstick in Paris, shimmery bronzer and salt-spray for anywhere warm and tropical…    

Travel Beauty
In general my beauty routine is….Involved. While answering the question above, I realize I use a LOT of products. I don’t think I’m high maintenance — like, I let my hair air-dry most of the time and I don’t wear shadow or lipstick regularly — but on a daily basis, I think I use way more beauty products than the average human. 

I must pack __________ when traveling? Baby wipes. They come in handy for many different reasons. 

Best travel tip? I have a leather pouch I call my “travel case.” It houses my passport, a travel toothbrush and toothpaste, a sleep mask, compression socks, nasal spray, Emergen-C, the Wander Glow Getter Spray actually(!) — basically anything you could ever want or need while on a flight. I never unpack it so it makes packing for a trip that much easier.

Upon arrival at my destination...unpack. I’m crazy about getting everything in its place. It helps me relax and allows me to stay organized from the get go. My friends always make fun of me for being such a neat-freak when I travel but for me, it helps me better enjoy my trip.

Favorite travel spot? Paris. I know it’s cliché but it truly is my favorite place on earth.  

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? Visit Saint-Chapelle, which is the royal chapel on the Ile de la Cite, it’s like walking into a massive jewelry box. Wander around the 2nd arrondissement and check out the cool shops and get a lobster roll at Frenchie’s To Go (you won’t be sorry, unless you don’t like lobster…). And lastly, catch a free organ concert at St. Sulpice on Sundays. After the service, the organist plays for an extra 45 minutes and you can just sit and listen.   


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