Jenny Jin 

Senior Beauty Editor at PureWow 


Travel- hate it, love it? Love it. Few things make me happier than exploring new areas and stepping outside of my bubble here in the city. It keeps me inspired and reminds me that the world is a big, beautiful place. Plus, think of all the food we have yet to eat! 

It’s not a vacation unless…I lose all sense of time. You know that moment—usually a few days into a trip—when you actually struggle to remember if it's a Monday or a Tuesday? And then you realize it doesn't really matter anyway? Oh, it's glorious.   

Planes, trains or automobiles? All of the above. Fly to a new country, take a train to visit neighboring countries and rent a car to drive deeper into individual cities. 

Checked bags or carry on? Carry on whenever possible. I hate having to wait for my bag to come out when I arrive to a new city (or when I'm coming back home for that matter). That said, at 5'1'', it can be challenging to hoist a suitcase in the overhead compartment. 

Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? Pretty bare. I usually pack a bunch of samples so I can use and toss them out as I go. By the end, I've lightened up my load considerably—or I've just cleared space to buy new, local beauty products that I can't get anywhere else. 

In general my beauty routine isefficient. I am all about multifunctional products that save time and space in my bag. Double-sided sticks with foundation on one end and highlighter on the other? Yes, please. Lipstick that can be worn as blush? Ditto. Give me a chubby makeup stick and I'll take on the world. 

I must pack __________ when traveling? I can't believe I'm admitting this here, but I rarely travel stuffed animal penguin. Here's the thing: He's sort of wide and flat so he doubles as an excellent pillow. Is there a cut off point for this? Have I already passed it? Probably, but I don't care.

Best travel tip? Have one (max, two) set plans to anchor each day, but leave plenty of time in-between to (no pun intended) just wander. When we're at work or at home, we all have set schedules and are usually running from one thing to the next. Vacation is a time to let go of those constraints and just be.

Upon arrival at my destination….I unpack my clothes (or at least the ones I don't want to get wrinkled). 

Favorite travel spot? Honestly, Paris. It's magical every single time. 

What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? My first (and last) stop in Paris is always Ble Sucré. They make the best croissants in the world, I swear. With hundreds of thin, flaky layers coated in butter, I'm in a complete state of bliss every time I eat one (or five) of them. Then, I like to take a long walk to really see the city (and make room for more food, of course.) My usual route starts in Bastille, goes through Le Marais, and down to the Seine. Then, I cross Ile de la Cité and follow along the Left Bank until I reach the Eiffel. By the end, my feet are sore, but it's nothing a glass of wine can't fix. And finally, no trip to Paris is complete without a stop at Le Bon Marche, which is essentially all of the best department stores rolled into one. I like to treat myself to one nice thing every time I go so that when I wear it back at home, I can always be reminded of my trip. 

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