Caitlin Miller

Site Editor



Travel- hate it, love it?... Absolutely love it. I'd take a trip every month if I could! I'm addicted to following travel photographers on Instagram. They constantly inspire me to get out there, see the world, and discover hidden gems that might be off the beaten path. I already traveled to Iceland and London this year, so it's safe to say my travel itch has been scratched. I’m making it a priority to travel more in 2018!


It’s not a vacation unlessI have some sort of excursion planned. My version of a relaxing vacation is to stay active. Whether I’m snorkeling, taking a boat tour, hiking, or exploring the local markets, I have to be doing something at all times. Don’t travel with me unless you like to have a full day planned!


Planes, trains or automobiles?...Oh tough one! I love planes because they take you to far off places, but if I had my pick, cars are my favorite means of transportation. There’s nothing quite like a nice long road trip. You get to listen to music, take in all the scenery, and if you’re not on a time schedule, you can stop along the way and explore.


Checked bags or carry on?...Carry on all the way. I like to amaze myself with how much I can fit into my carry on.


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate?...Bare. Very bare. When I travel, I mainly stick to skincare—just to make sure my skin doesn’t freak out in different climates. I always pack SPF 30 (at least!), my favorite cleansing stick, a moisturizer, face wipes, mascara, lip balm, and a lightweight foundation. Lately I’ve been using Wander’s Wanderlust Powder Foundation.



In general my beauty routine is….Very efficient. I’m a runner and am pretty much always training in the morning or immediately after work, so my beauty routine needs to be quite streamlined. I’ve mastered showering and doing makeup in less than 20 minutes. Typically, I rinse with a micellar water in the morning to remove excess sweat post workout. Then I apply a light moisturizer if needed and always, always SPF. Next, I usually fill in my brows mainly to tame them, dab on a little multi-stick to my lids and cheeks, apply mascara, and if I have time, a bit of concealer.


I must pack __________ when traveling?...My camera! Yep, I’m that person who is snapping a million pictures. I can’t help it—I just get so excited.


Best travel tip?..Don’t be afraid to explore. Tour groups are fun and informative, but I love making my own schedule and planning my own experiences. On my recent trip to Iceland, we made a last-minute decision to rent a car and drive the countryside. We ended up seeing more than on any tour bus, and it ended up being my favorite part of the entire trip.


Upon arrival at my destination….I take at most 20 minutes to unpack fully. I hang everything up and put it away in drawers. Then I’m off to start my adventure. Can’t waste a single minute of vacation!



Favorite travel spot?...This is SO hard. Internationally, Greece. I went there for two weeks with my mom in 2016. Domestically, I’m a big fan of Sanibel Island, Florida. I’ve been more times than I can count. It’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I’ve ever visited. And, there’s world-class shelling there, which keeps an active vacationer like me very busy beach combing.


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city?... If you’re in Sanibel, you simply must go shelling. Although there are a number of little day tours you can take, I prefer to just roam the beaches there and see what I can find. (FYI you can find a lot of gorgeous, colorful shells so take a bag with you on your walk!)


After an early morning walk, I like to grab a light breakfast and then head out on a run on the nature paths and trails. The Sanibel Island Lighthouse is at the end of the island and is great for snapping some pictures.

Lastly, you must drive over to Captiva Island (the neighboring island) and get dinner at The Mucky Duck. Make sure to get reservations around sunset. The restaurant is right on the beach and offers the BEST views of the sun setting into the ocean.