Love a weekend getaway but can’t stand the stress of packing? Same! Finding products that keep up with your busy schedule isn’t as easy as it should be. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to interview Sarah Clarkson, a boss babe who knows how hard it can be to find accessories that easily transition to daytime to date night all while rushing to the subway and still looking cute. That’s why she created Transience, an accessories brand that combines durable material with a chic look allowing your bags to go anywhere and do anything with you! 

We sat down with the brains behind all the on-the-move brilliance, Founder of Transience, Sarah Clarkson, to talk all things multitasking and staying gorgeous on the go.

Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hi, I’m Sarah Clarkson - Managing Partner + Creative Director at Transience. We make modern bags for life on the move.

What made you first develop Transience?

I started Transience because I saw a gap in the market for functional everyday bags that were as chic as their less functional counterparts. Our brand and our products have evolved so much since then, but we have kept ahold of that original concept.

At Wander Beauty, we're all about the multitasking woman on the go. How do Transience bags cater to that busy lifestyle?

Our core bags (the ones we make every season) are designed to be carried with you throughout your day. From the gym in the morning, to your office, and then to after-work drinks. Most of them also make for great in-flight bags or even diaper bags for moms that want to go incognito!

We think that multitasking bags are where it’s at for modern women because what’s in your bag really defines your day. If you don’t have space in your bag for your gym clothes as well as your laptop, you’re really not going to make it to the gym after work.

As a New York City brand, we have a huge emphasis on function while still looking chic enough to go from one environment to another. If you live in a commuter city, you can’t just throw your gym bag into the trunk - it has to go with you everywhere.

We do also have some smaller silhouettes for those times you don’t need to carry your whole life around with you. 

For all the female entrepreneurs reading this, what advice can you give on starting your own business? 

I’m absolutely generalizing here because it’s always a grey area when it comes to speaking about women versus men but… Be confident in your product (or service) and in yourself. Women are not as confident as their male counterparts and it really holds us back in many areas. I certainly had this problem in the beginning and still do at times. 

I felt that our products had to be as awesome as we had imagined them to be before I could go around telling people how great they were. Your male competitors are seriously not doing this - it’s just not in their nature to question their competency to the same level that we do as women. The truth is, you are as qualified and capable of executing your vision as anyone else and people will get excited about it if you are excited about it.

Find other female entrepreneurs you can talk to. Your family and friends probably won’t always get it, so it’ll help to have people around to call when you’re struggling.

Don’t start a business in an area you’re not absolutely obsessed with. It’s all-consuming, and if you are moderately successful you’ll be in it for (on average) 6-10 years before you have the option to sell it (if that’s what you plan to do). No matter how successful you are there will be times when you feel completely stressed out and like you’re totally failing - you will be miserable if you’re not really in love with the thing you’re working on.

I know this idea is not ‘in vogue’ at the moment but, don’t let anyone tell you you’re working too hard, you’ll need to work harder than your competitors if you want to be successful. And they probably have all kinds of resources you don’t have – so get stuck in!

What was your biggest challenge when first developing Transience?

Finding a manufacturer to create those early designs was really tough because they were so different from the traditional bag styles. We ended up teaching ourselves how to do it in house. So all of the early bags were made by hand in New York it was a lot of late nights and trial and error.

What is one go-to-bag that everyone should have in their closet? 

I’m really a big fan of our Swing Bag - it’s ultra-practical and I use it as an everyday work to workout bag. It’s also really great as a carry-on personal item for flights because it fits a lot. It has a comfy padded shoulder strap and the drawstring top closure stops things from spilling out when you stick it under the seat. We get a lot of mothers writing in about how great it is as a chic diaper bag for some of the same reasons.

As a business owner, you’re never really off the clock. How do you manage to balance work life and personal?

I’ve not really mastered the work/life balance thing. I work a lot, and I don’t really run out of energy for it. I especially like to work through the weekends - it’s my favorite time to catch up and get ahead without interruptions from the outside world. If I had it my way, I’d focus only on work for many days in a row, and then take 2 days off, or go on a trip somewhere so the time off is memorable and truly relaxing.

That said - I do try to get a workout in as many days a week as I can, and I’d say in the last three years or so I’ve discovered that good sleep is absolutely essential for myself (and everyone that has to interact with me).

I’m also not single anymore, so increasingly my weekends are not my own. My husband is the best and is super patient with my schedule. We try to fit in time for family visits and a date night at least once a week.

What does your daily beauty routine look like?

My beauty routine has been reduced to as little as possible so that I can get out of the house as quickly as possible.

On the days when I don’t have to see anyone (other than immediate family/colleagues), the routine consists of washing my face with a cleanser my dermatologist prescribed, applying a liberal amount of SPF moisturizer, SPF lip balm, a little bit of light-colored bronzer powder all over to take that moisturizer grease down a bit and eyeliner just on the under eye. If I do need to meet with people from the outside world… I’ll mix a bit of foundation into my moisturizer and also brush my hair.

What is one beauty product you can't live without?

Probably a good eyeliner… Especially in the winter, I’m so pale I look like the walking dead without it!

Where can we find you?

You can find us on our website - We also retail online at Neiman Marcus, The Iconic and Bandier.

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