When life hands you a crazy schedule, it may be easy to make excuses on why you can’t fit in self care in the form of working out, eating healthy or taking time for your skincare and beauty routine. But that’s where our multitasking lifestyle comes in! When you’re constantly on-the-go, you need products and services that fit into your schedule to make you feel, and look, your best, which is why we are obsessed with P.volve. P.volve brings their revolutionary pre-hab method into your home and beyond with their streaming services and streamlined equipment. We sat down to chat with Founder, Stephen Pasterino, to decode all things P.volve and staying healthy on-the-go.

Lindsay Ellingson Working Out With Pvolve

Tell us who you are and what you do! How did you get to this point?

I’m Stephen Pasterino, the Founder of P.volve. I've been a fitness fanatic my entire life - from high school and college sports to working as a trainer for 8+ years. I studied at The Gray Institute – which is where I learned the importance of functional science and how authentic and natural movements strengthen the body and create a proportionate and toned physique. I moved to New York several years ago to become a trainer and women kept coming to me confused by how their body was reacting to high-intensity workouts; they were bulking up instead of getting leaner. After observing different workouts and personal training sessions, I realized that many of these women were being trained like men - how I used to train for football. So, I set out to develop a workout that integrated my background in physical therapy that was low-impact, functional and highly effective for creating a natural, proportionate, toned physique. When I started testing out my method with clients and seeing amazing results, I knew I was on to something.

At Wander Beauty, we're all about multitasking and staying gorgeous on-the-go. Tell us how P.volve ties into this lifestyle.

I created my online streaming service exactly for this reason! All of the workouts on my platform are the same as my in-studio classes – it’s basically like having me in your living room. There are over 200 workouts and how-to tutorials, and we add new workouts weekly. What’s really cool about this streaming is that you can filter the videos based on which body part you want to focus on, how much time you have and what equipment is available to you. I personally designed the proprietary equipment we sell and incorporate into the method – the P.ball and P.band; both are light weight and travel-friendly, so you can squeeze in a workout anywhere, anytime!

What's the best advice you have for staying healthy and maintaining good habits, no matter how busy you are?

I have several motivational tips and tricks I live by, but overall, it’s all about consistency and finding a workout and meal plan you and your body love – and makes you feel good. I always say go back to your roots… it's common to dread or feel lackluster about working out and as a result, your gym time won't be effective. Relate your fitness routine to an active pastime, such as your favorite sport or favorite walking path or even try something new! It's all about being physical and moving the body versus the 60 mins you think you need to be in the gym; this will hopefully get you excited about moving your body! If it doesn’t feel like a chore, you will make it happen!

Pvolve Founder Stephen Pasterino

What's one small change that anyone can make to live a healthier lifestyle?

Always ask why - be inquisitive. Ask yourself (or your trainer) - why am I doing this exercise? How is it going to better my body? Am I activating the right muscle groups and joints? How is this exercise going to enhance my life? My goal is for P.volve to be an educational experience; it's not about how many reps you can do or how fast you do a certain movement, but rather understanding why you're doing a move and how it helps elongate, activate and/or tone a certain muscle and then doing it with perfect form to prevent injury.

Do the same with food – why am I drinking celery juice every day? Is it because I saw Instagram influencers doing it or is it because I truly understand the benefits of it for my body? Overall, everyone should focus on sustainable, long-term care of the body with no 'quick fixes' or fads.

Being that it's still the beginning of the year, many people are still thinking about their resolutions. What's your top tip to stay on track beyond January?

Don’t go so hard in the beginning of the year with crazy intense workouts that you injure yourself or totally burn out! The concept behind P.volve is quite different than what's out there in the fitness scene - I like to call my method 'pre-hab' - integrating my physical therapy experience to activate and strengthen the muscles without pulsing or fatiguing them, so to prevent injury.

With many other workouts and classes, people find themselves feeling sore and exhausted, which can actually be dangerous. The pain you are feeling is your body signaling that its muscles are breaking down, which is why with my pre-hab approach, you will excite the muscles, but in a way that takes care of them.

You want your muscles singing, not screaming! It is important to never over stress your body, working out too hard too often can have the opposite effect. I always have my clients take days off, even when they don’t want to! It is crucial to letting the muscles recover and reduce swelling.

What does your beauty/grooming routine look like? Any products you can't live without?

My beauty routine is pretty simple. I have sensitive skin, so over the years I’ve found that the less I use on my face, the better. I usually cleanse with water and every other day I use Biologique Recherche Lait U and SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel which really evens out my complexion. My skin is also oily, so I don’t use moisturizer all the time, but when I do, I love Epionce Renewal Facial Lotion. Other than that, the best beauty routine I live by is a diet loaded with vegetables. Throughout the years, I have noticed that the more green vegetables I eat, the better my skin looks.

Anything else you want to tell us?

It’s always an amazing feeling when my clients tell me that they love how they feel. Be kind to your body, understand your body and you’ll be amazed at what it can do!

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