Just because the sun isn’t shining as bright this winter season, doesn’t mean you can’t fake a bronze. Curious to know how? Lucky for you, we asked Celebrity Makeup Artist, Carolina Gonzalez to give us a step-by-step guide on how to fake a summer look anytime of year, which she’s done on the likes of Lindsay Ellingson and her other celebrity clients. Keep reading for her tips and tricks, and watch her tutorial to see the look in action!

The Skin

Gonzalez mixed Glow Ahead Oil into Nude Illusion Foundation and Dualist Concealer to give Lindsay’s skin an extra boost of radiance along with coverage. Using a beauty sponge, she lightly tapped the foundation onto the skin, making sure to keep everything creamy and well blended. Gonzalez set the look by patting Play All Day Translucent Powder all over Lindsay’s complexion.

The Cheeks

For perfectly contoured cheekbones, Gonzalez used On-the-Glow Bronzer and Illuminator in Capri/Candle Glow. She followed the hollows underneath Lindsay’s cheekbones and continues building the contour from there. To create a healthy flush, she used On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator in Petal Pink on the apples of Lindsays cheeks. She brought the whole look together by adding blush to the center of the chin and forehead. To highlight, Gonzalez used a damp beauty sponge to apply the Glowtion's liquid illuminator on the high points of Lindsay’s face.

The Eyes

For the eyes, Gonzalez used the Wanderess Off Duty Eyeshadow Palette to create a very blended, soft cat eye look. She contoured around Lindsay’s eye with the shade Shoreline using a fluffy blending brush. On the lid, she used Unplugged and in the inner corner she applied Starfish. On the bottom corner she used Shoreline and Dessert Island to frame the eyes. Gonzalez finished by applying Slide Liner in Tan Line close to the lash and applying a few coats of Unlashed Mascara.

The Lips

Gonzalez used a technique that she calls the “secret contour” to create a fuller lip effect, without the filler. She used a small brush to apply a contour color around Lindsay's lips. This in turn creates a shadow effect around Lindsay's lips, making them look more full and plump. For the lip color, Gonzalez used Lipsetter in shade Nolita Nude to line and fill in the entire lip.

The result? A bronze bombshell glam look! Ready to see this look in action? Watch the video tutorial above for a full step-by-step guide to creating this look.