Let’s face it… we all want brows that wow, and the faster we can get them done and out of the door, the better! It’s true what they say: Brows frame the face. But not all of us are born with the fluffy brows we dream of. That’s why we’re here to share our tricks to make everyday a good brow day.

Give Your Brows The Brush Up 

Before you begin filling in your brows, brush them up with a spoolie to see where they’re sparse. Brushing them up also gives you the best view of the head (the thickest part, near your nose), arch (where your brow arches upward) and tail (the end of your brow, where it thins out), which will help guide your shape. 

Let Your Brows Be The Boss

Take a good look at your brows and you’ll see that they’ve done the work for you in mapping out the general shape. Using a brow pencil with a small, micro-tip that will mimic the shape of hairs (we love Frame Your Face™ Micro Brow Pencil), fill in your brows in the direction your brow hair naturally grows. At the head of the brow, the hairs grow upward. In the center of the brow, they begin to grow towards your temple and at the tail of the brow, they begin to grow downwards. Follow their lead when filling in areas that need a little TLC. 

Soften and Set

Using Frame Your Face™ Precise Brow Gel (in either a shade that matches your brows or clear), brush brow hairs up and into place so that they stay perfectly groomed all day. Brow gel coats brow hairs with a wash of color (if it’s a tinted formula) while keeping them calm and preserving the work you’ve put in. Brow gel can also add additional fullness to brows.

Great brows frame your face and set off any look! With our tricks, you’re three steps away from being your own #BrowGoals.