Among all the ingredients that help to combat signs of aging, peptides are toward the top of the list. Peptides are remarkable in their ability to smooth, repair and hydrate skin.  If peptides aren’t already in your skincare routine, now is the time to add them!


What are Peptides and What Do They Do?

Let’s break it down. Collagen, which is an important part of your skin, is a protein made up of long chains of amino acids that are strung together. These long chains, which can be further broken down into shorter segments of amino acids, are called peptides.  Did you know that skin is actually mostly comprised of collagen!?

Peptides play many different roles in our bodies. They are needed to maintain a healthy level of collagen. They are also essential to keeping your skin intact and preventing changes in texture, delaying the appearance of wrinkles, and to keep your skin firm and youthful looking and feeling. 

As we get older, the production of proteins responsible for skin’s strength and elasticity slow down and existing collagen and elastin degrade from age, as well as environmental factors, including sun exposure. Once it's depleted, it's not fully replaced. By using products that contain peptides, the result may be firmer skin and slowing the appearance of fine lines. Peptides encourage the growth of new proteins while regulating enzymes that break down existing proteins.

Some of the ways that peptides aid in maintaining and repairing skin are:

Growth of key skin proteins (collagen and elastin)


Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles


Skin healing


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