Katie Becker 

Beauty Director




Travel- hate it, love it? I love to travel when I have at least a week somewhere and I'm with someone I love. It takes me time to get feel like I've really arrived somewhere and even though I get to travel to pretty fun places for work, I love it most when I'm sharing it with a someone I'm close to. 


It’s not a vacation unless… There's no wifi and I have two weeks off! Once you get past the one week mark, you're really into soul cleansing vacation territory. 



Planes, trains or automobiles? I love taking trains. It's so calm and (usually) quiet. I love to stare out the window and zone out.


Checked bags or carry on? I know people hate waiting for me at the baggage carousel, but I usually check my bags. I have a lot of beauty stuff to haul around and I really hate hoisting my bag into the overhead bin. I'd rather just chill and not have to think about strategic products or whether my arms are in the mood for heavy lifting. 


Travel beauty- bare or elaborate? I'll be honest, it's far from bare. I like to have makeup options (sometimes you get somewhere and you realize the cherry red that looked great on you in New York just doesn't look right in the sunlight of Mexico), my favorite skin care, and emergency products in case of beauty mishaps like pimples or sunburns or rain-soaked hair. However, one time I had to pack a bag the size of a messenger bag for a motorcycle trip in Europe and it was a true test of my streamlining skills. I pulled it off though. 



In general my beauty routine is…. I like to massage my skin while cleansing with an oil cleanser or balm, I then apply multiple serums. For makeup, I always wear full coverage foundation (when you use full coverage you actually need *less* foundation on your skin because one fine layer will usually do it), a creamy concealer, a peach colored blush, pencil eyeliner, and always waterproof mascara. Sometimes I use a brown or bronze eyeshadow, but I don't use bronzer on my face—I can't seem to pull it off. For my hair, I just bring one styling cream to air dry with and a curling wand to touch up wonky curls. 


I must pack __________ when traveling? When I'm up in the air I really like to have a small bottle of a moisturizing face spray and a little hand cream. 


Best travel tip? Take an afternoon off and go get Global Entry. Not only do you get TSA Precheck (which has gotten busier, but it's still nice), but you get to skip the line at customs when you return to the US from an international flight! There is nothing more satisfying than getting from your gate to the taxi stand in 15 minutes. 


Upon arrival at my destination…. I like to take a quiet stroll around to get the lay of the land and ease in. 


Favorite travel spot? I love to go to the Italian coast, especially in September when it's warm, but quieted down. Everything feels so good when you're there. 


What are your 3 must see/do things in this city? Rent a beach chair, dip into the waves, and order an Aperol spritz.