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Meet Double Date Eyeshadow Duo

By Wander Beauty | Aug 08, 2022

Create multiple eye looks for the day or night with Wander Beauty’s new and exclusive Double Date Eyeshadow Duo. The expertly-curated stacked compact features a built-in mirror, providing you with the best way to apply eyeshadow, wherever you wander.

How to use Double Date Eyeshadow Duo

In this video makeup tutorial, we demonstrate how to apply eyeshadow for a variety of looks. When using the Double Date Eyeshadow Duo, the cream color can be applied to prime your lids, adding a wash of color. It can also be used to color-correct dark or discolored lids. Depending on your desired look, you can blend the cream formula out for a soft, natural look, or build it up for a bold pop of color.

Once you’ve added the cream color of your choice, you’re ready to finish up with some shimmer! Using your finger or an eyeshadow brush, apply the shimmer over the colored area for added drama and shine.

And there you have it – an easy eyeshadow tutorial perfect for on-the-go looks.

Why choose Double Date Eyeshadow Duo?

Curious about what makes Double Date Eyeshadow Duo a favorite among our customers? Whether you’ve already purchased Double Date in all your favorite colors (there are four duo shades to choose from), or you’ve just bought your first one and are wondering how best to apply it, one thing you’ll already know is how convenient this compact is – ready to slip into your purse and boost your radiance whenever you need a lift. Next, you’re sure to have noticed just how easy it is to apply. Who knew you could create professional makeup looks using just one tiny compact and your fingers?

That's ease and convenience down, but Double Date promises not to leave you wanting. Created according to our clean beauty standards, this eyeshadow duo is enriched with a number of plant-derived ingredients including Safflower Seed Oil to soothe the skin and promote elasticity, Green Tea Leaf Extract, known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, and Sunflower Seed Oil which helps skin retain moisture and keep your eye area looking hydrated and fresh.

What are you waiting for? Your Double Date awaits!