Lindsay's Upgraded Lashes™ Thickening Mascara Wear Tests

By Wander Beauty | Aug 08, 2022

The Upgraded Lashes™ Thickening Mascara is the final stage of perfecting your look. Lindsay Ellingson, co-founder of Wander Beauty and jet-setting supermodel, applies the mascara before taking it through a series of tests to see if it withstands the day-to-day demands of women on the go.

In this video makeup tutorial, Lindsay shows us how to apply mascara and shares tips for long-lasting mascara wear. Her tests include:

Test 1: The Sweat Test

In the first test, Lindsay works up a sweat during an intensive pilates class. After the class, Lindsay reports that her mascara is still perfectly intact, with no flaking or smudging!

Test 2: The Humidity Test

Next, Lindsay spends one of the hottest days in South Carolina lounging by the pool. The mascara formula holds up against both 95°F heat and humidity, as well as during poolside splashes, proving that it’s both long-wearing and water-resistant.

Test 3: The Layering Test

After a long day on the go, Lindsay takes out her Upgraded Lashes™ tube to apply another layer of mascara before heading out for dinner. Not only did the mascara last the whole day without flaking or smudging, but it's also proven to be clump-free, making it ideal as a buildable formula.

Test 4: The Work Test

The final test sees Lindsay go from morning to evening during her work day. Shooting both indoors and outside at different places around the city, Lindsay ends the day with her mascara perfectly intact. Work test passed!

More about our favorite thickening mascara

Upgraded Lashes™ Thickening Mascara is a lash-loving formula that helps thicken and strengthen lashes, leading to more beautiful lashes that appear longer and fuller. Using a patented combination of two active ingredients that stimulates the hair bulb and helps repair damaged hair, you can expect your lash length to increase by up to 32%, your lash thickness by up to 33%, and your lash volume by up to 97% in just 15 days of use!

It's also vegan friendly, cruelty free, long-lasting, and water-resistant – now that's an upgrade!