Introducing B.O.M. Voyage Cleansing Balm

By Wander Beauty | Aug 08, 2022


Wipe away your day in a single step using B.O.M. Voyage Cleansing Balm. This gentle formula will have you saying au revoir to stubborn makeup, sunscreen, dirt and oil, and bonjour to clean, hydrated skin.

How to use B.O.M. Voyage

In this video, we take a look at how to apply cleansing balm to get the most out of your product. B.O.M. Voyage was specially formulated for its tri-phase cleansing action:

  1. Starts off as a comforting balm
  2. Transforms into a luxurious oil
  3. Rinses off as a gentle milk

This gentle formula provides deep-cleansing action – removing all residue of makeup, oils and dirt – and leaves your skin feeling soft, nourished, and hydrated.

To apply, squeeze a walnut-sized amount onto clean, dry fingertips, then gently massage the formula onto dry skin. Be sure to focus on areas with the most makeup, such as your eyes, lips and cheeks, to ensure all traces of makeup are removed. Watch the formula transform as it works, and rinse off with warm water. Follow with your usual moisturizer, or Drift Away Cleanser for an ultra-deep cleanse.

Why choose B.O.M. Voyage?

From a comforting texture to a soothing scent, B.O.M Voyage was formulated using clean, gentle ingredients, and enriched with a variety of plant-based extracts to nourish and balance your skin. These include Jojoba Seed Oil, which is rich in vitamins A, D, and E, plus fatty acids, to balance, moisturize and nourish all skin types; Pear Fruit Extract – a source of antioxidants that protects the skin and provides skin conditioning properties; and Evening Primrose Oil, known to help improve the appearance and feel of skin as well as balance moisture levels. The sleek tube packaging provides easy and sanitized usage, and is ideal for traveling!

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