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Wedding Season Is Upon Us! Here's The Fuss-Free Beauty Routine Every Guest Needs

By Max Brockbank | Jun 17, 2019
A glamorous woman smiling as she looks over her shoulder.

With wedding season in full effect we can all feel the stress of planning, traveling, shopping… and we all certainly feel how empty our pockets are becoming as you prep to attend all of your loved one’s wedding-related events. But good news - we have you covered. Here’s the breakdown of every beauty tip and trick you can use to help get you through this wedding season.

Makeup on the Move

Whether it’s on the beach, in the mountains or across the country, everyone has been to a wedding that meant having to travel a little further than you may have hoped for. With that comes the headache of taking a suitcase jammed with makeup or having to spend hundreds of dollars for a makeup artist to glam you up in an area you are unfamiliar with. But, we are here to tell you it no longer needs to be that way.

The trick to saving money and space is that while traveling to a wedding, save space by sticking to products that multitask. Swap out your individual highlighter, lipstick and blush and swap in On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator instead. This dual-ended stick works on eyes, lips and cheeks to add flush and illumination - perfect for any occasion. Next, swap out your “daytime” and “nighttime” mascaras for a single mascara that let’s you layer from wedding to after party. Reach for Unlashed Mascara, which layers completely clump-free, while the tube allows you to control exactly how much product is deposited onto your wand. Finally, toss in your foundation (even better if it doubles as a concealer like our Nude Illusion Foundation) and you’re ready to take on the festivities.

Wander Beauty Travel Case With Makeup

Save that Money, Honey

Attending a wedding is far from inexpensive. In fact, the average bridesmaid spends at least $1,200 and the typical bridesmaid’s makeup costs around $132. The great thing is you do have the chance to save money by taking matters into your own hands with a beautiful, yet simple look. Here’s how:

  1. Moisturize skin.
  2. Apply your favorite medium to full coverage foundation such as our Nude Illusion Liquid Foundation
  3. Use our On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator as your blush, highlighter, lipstick and cream shadow
  4. Blend cream shadow with finger and apply our Mile High Club Mascara to give you a false lash look
  5. To keep it locked all night (touch up throughout the night totally mess-free), reach for Play All Day Translucent Powder.

Bounce Back from the Bachelorette

Dancing, drinking and hanging with your favorite friends ‘til the sun comes up - there’s nothing better. Sounds like an amazing time, until the sun really does come up and you feel as though you haven’t had a sip of water in ages. A long night of partying can be super rough on not only your body, but your skin as well. It’s important to hydrate and revive your skin to look amazing even if you aren’t feeling that way. Reach for Dive In Moisturizer which serves an intense 72 hours of hydration. You’ll be glowing again in no time.

Another morning after must-have (or to prep pre-event) is a good eye mask, like Baggage Claim Under Eye Masks. These will be your saving grace - they instantly go to work on puffy eyes, dark circles and add tons of hydration to the area, leaving you looking more refreshed and awake than you may be feeling.

The most important tip of them all, and one we all know (but may not follow): Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Not only will this make you look better but you will actually feel better if you keep yourself hydrated as you party the night away. Your body is made up of 60% water, so staying hydrated that is a must, especially if you consumed alcohol the night before. Alcohol consumption causes the body to become dehydrated, so replenishing yourself is the key to look and feel great again.

While your social calendar may be packed as you party hop, make sure to prioritize staying healthy and within your budget to avoid a wedding hangover. Using these quick, easy hacks will allow you to enjoy yourself and avoid all stress (well, at least beauty-related stress)!

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