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Wander Beauty's Best Under-Eye Masks to Combat Stress

By Max Brockbank | Sep 11, 2019
hand holding wander beauty under eye patches

As summer comes to a close, it has provided an excellent opportunity to get out of the office or classroom and make the most out of the nice weather. While diving back into work or starting a new school year comes with exciting adventures, there are also inevitable stressful moments. Wander Beauty has created a way for you to take those golden, sunny days with you no matter the season.

Baggage Claim Eye Masks are created with globally-inspired, skin-loving ingredients to visibly brighten, hydrate and reduce the appearance of dark circles. With our natural ingredients, we’ve created fantastic under- eye masks and patches to help you destress and relax while targeting dark, under-eye circles.

Just the Masks

Sometimes, you're only interested in the essentials. If you're looking to target your tired look or the bags under your eyes, then our Baggage Claim Eye Masks were made for you. With our gold and rose gold under-eye mask design, both men and women can feel luxuriously pampered. Each set comes with 6 individually-wrapped foil under-eye masks.

Our Baggage Claim Eye Masks brighten, moisturize and reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles. With our foil design and positioning, key ingredients penetrate the skin and provide optimal results. While aesthetically-pleasing, this foil also helps retain heat, allowing the skin-loving serum to sink deeper into the skin rather than evaporating. While aesthetically-pleasing, the innovative technology of our eye masks is what makes them so unique. The foil helps retain heat, allowing the skin-loving serum to sink deeper into the skin rather than evaporating. The elastic middle layer prevents the eye masks from slipping. The third layer effectively delivers key ingredients into the skin.

With the effective combination of our innovative foil technology and soothing ingredients, consumers reported a reduced appearance of dark under-eye circles and puffiness, and an increase in the under-eyes feeling soothed and more hydrated.

Because the under-eye patches are individually-wrapped, you can rest easy knowing that the only thing 'extra' about these masks is the gold foil packaging and the incredible results they deliver.

Relaxing On-the-Go

Moving? Traveling? Anticipating a busy day? Not a problem. We take targeting under-eye bags to the next level with our top-rated under-eye mask combo.

With convenience in mind, Wander Beauty presents the Always Glowing Duo. With this one-two-punch kit, you can target dark circles and other problem areas without the bulky constraints of a full makeup kit. This skincare essentials kit includes two key products: the Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks and the Glow Getter Mist. The Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks supply all the benefits of the standalone product. With this duo, however, you not only can tackle tired eyes but also tired skin with the refreshing Glow Getter Mist. While using our Glow Getter Mist, you can experience the glacier water, anti-inflammatory and mineral-rich ingredients that soothe and calm tired skin.

With this killer combination, you can travel without feeling the stress through hydrated and revitalized skin.

Total Under-Eye Targeting

For the ultimate under-eye targeting, Wander Beauty provides the ultimate weapon. At Wander Beauty, we understand that the best way to target under-eye bags is by considering overall skin health. With that in mind, we introduced the Maximum Impact Skincare Essentials Trio. This trio includes our Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks, Lift Off Brightening and Purifying Peel Off Mask, as well as our Glow Ahead Face Oil.

By using this powerful trio, you can effectively tackle the health of your skin to soothe and energize overworked skin. Baggage Claim Eye Masks gently soothes and brightens your dark under-eyes. Lift Off Brightening and Purifying Peel Off Masks removes impurities and brightens skin. Glow Ahead Face Oil instantly restores skin’s youth, balance and glow. By using each product, the trio will work better than singular eye masks for dark circles. And for your entire skincare routine, you'll notice that these beauty essentials effectively work together to create a brighter, smoother, and clearer complexion.

Your stress levels and the health of your skin are closely interconnected. As you go through life, you'll encounter a fair share of sleepless nights and stressful situations, but your skin doesn't have to suffer. At Wander Beauty, we're always here to keep you gorgeous on the go.

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