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The Inside Scoop: Meet Wanderess™ Escape

By Max Brockbank | Mar 03, 2020
wander beauty eye shadow colours

From the sunsets of Santorini to the streets of Paris, our newest eyeshadow palette, Wanderess Escape, invites you to escape into the stories collected from our community. Introducing… our newest eyeshadow palette Wanderess™ Escape! Each shade was co-created with a member of our community, and you helped name them.

Want to hear how this palette came to life? Read on to hear how we co-created this universal eyeshadow palette with our community and developed beautiful shades inspired by their stories.

The Wanderess Escape Journey Begins

At Wander Beauty, our community of Wanderesses are our influencers: Every multitasker we create is inspired by YOU. Last summer, we announced that we’d be developing a palette with the help of our community. Through our social channels and on-site at our NYC pop up store, you submitted images and ideas of colors with a meaningful memory that inspired you. Reading your stories, from your wedding day memories to memorable vacations, gave us an inside look to exactly who our Wanderesses across the globe are.

We received so many beautiful photos and narrowed it down to 10 finalists. From there, we asked our finalists to submit shade name options and then turned it over to our entire Wander Beauty community to vote for their favorite. That is how our 10 pigmented eyeshadow colors came to be!

Meet Our Wanderesses & Hear Their Stories

Enjoy the stories collected from our community right in the palm of your hands. With a mix of shimmers, satins and mattes, we can’t wait for you to make your own while wearing a look that’s all your own.

1. Michaela Schenk (Nude Beach)

"Nude Beach was inspired by my wedding bouquet! My husband and I were married in October 2019 and celebrated on a perfect Colorado day in the mountains. This shade was inspired by the warm, earthy tones of the mountains in the fall."

2. Ann Halloran (Daydream)

"My shade, Daydream, was inspired by the soft peachy, warm part of a peony I saw last summer at a farmer’s market in Provence, France. Who doesn’t need another favorite all-over base shadow with a little bit of sunshine? I ‘daydream’ often about my next trip to the South of France!"

3. Juhi Laungani (Stargaze)

"Stargaze was inspired by my culture. The gold shade signifies purity and is often associated with Indian culture. The experience of creating this shade has been so powerful to me as I identify myself as an Indian American and my culture is a huge part of who I am, and seeing my connection to culture come to life was so heartwarming to me."

4. Lyndsay Rinere (Moonlit)

"Moonlit was inspired by a very special trip to Paris. My boyfriend surprised me with the vacation for my birthday. It was his first time going and he knew it was one of my favorite cities. It was the first time I was able to experience such a gorgeous and romantic city with the person I love."

5. Rosa Castillo (Sunkissed)

"Travel has always been my passion and during my trip to Cartagena, I fell in love with all the terracotta stone walls, which gave a beautiful congrats against the vibrant colors of the old houses. This creamy color around the city was my inspiration for the new Sunkissed Shade."

6. Alex Hoffman (Santorini)

"The shade, Santorini, was inspired by my travels to Santorini, Greece with my family. We happened to be watching the sunset and I was inspired by all the colors coming together to highlight over the ocean and create a gorgeous bronze tone."

7. Kylie Keller (Flourish)

"I recently went on a trip to Caragena with my best friend. A week before we left, we had switched our accommodations to a hotel because the house we rented didn’t work out. Since we had booked last minute, the hotel concierge told us we got the last room left and we would have to walk up a set of stairs in order to get to the top. After lugging our suitcases to the top, we opened a door and saw the most beautiful rooftop full of bougainvillea, which inspired the shade, Flourish."

8. Meagan Mallen (Seaglass)

"My shade, named Seaglass, is inspired by memories from the year I spent living in Northern England when I would travel to the local seaside town and spend the day walking along the shore collecting the sea glass that had washed up there. To this day, I've kept my sea glass collection to remind me of this place, which feels like a second home to me."

9. Emily Boone (Enchanted)

"Enchanted was inspired by my wedding day. My bridesmaids wore dresses in different shades of mauve. Creating this shade with Wander Beauty has been such a meaningful experience. I love that Wander Beauty is inspired by their customers and wants to share their stories."

10. Misty Ewing (Overnight)

"My shade was inspired by my favorite hair color: a dark cocoa brown. This shade is one that will work with everything and looks great alone."

We Are So Grateful For You!

Thank you so much for your constant feedback and support. We are so happy that our community was able to be involved throughout the entire process! We can’t wait for you to create new stories with Wanderess™ Escape and we hope that it continues to inspire your next adventure.

Are you ready to shop Wanderess Escape? Grab your palette here and show us your Wanderess™ Escape look @wander_beauty!