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The Benefits of Under Eye Masks in Your Beauty Routine

By Max Brockbank | Sep 02, 2019
wander beauty baggage claim gold eye masks

We know you’re busy. Maybe you’re a boss babe who is on her work grind from 9:00am ‘til way past 5pm.. Or maybe you’re a multitasking mama, who’s balancing three kiddos’ crazy schedules. Or maybe you’re a college student, who is studying all night and running on venti vanilla lattes. Whoever you are, and whatever your daily hustle looks like, chances are… you’re tired. Let’s face it: no matter how important you know it is, fitting in eight hours of sleep just isn’t gonna happen.

My whole life, I’ve lived by the mantra that I can “sleep when I’m dead,” because the to-do list is never ending, and there’s too much fun to be had. However, the older I get, the more my body disagrees with that life motto. Now, after working all day, going to the gym, and staying out for one-too-many margaritas with friends, I wake up with dull skin and eyes that look like the light has been lost. Enter: the under eye mask. Though there are many varieties of under eye masks, for our purpose, we’ll be talking specifically about our Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks. Read on to learn about what they are, what they do, and why you should include them in your beauty routine.

So What Exactly are Baggage Claim Eye Masks?

While it’s typically a place to pick up your luggage at the airport, Baggage Claim takes on a new meaning at Wander Beauty. Baggage Claim Eye Masks were designed to sooth, reduce inflammation, hydrate, and diminish fine lines all in the sensitive under eye area. Basically, these little gold patches serve as a shot of espresso for your eyes, and help you look like you got more sleep than you did.

Baggage Claim Eye Masks are super special, because they are complete with three layers of hydrating goodness. The gold foil helps to retain heat and prevent evaporation of the all of the moisture and skin-loving ingredients inside. Plus, the shiny gold foil makes these masks perfect for selfies. The second layer is elastic, which is essentially just to make sure that the masks stay in place. The final layer is a special cellulose fiber that helps deliver key ingredients efficiently, so you’ll see the benefits of Baggage Claim Instantly.

What Does Baggage Claim Do?

Like I said, Baggage Claim is like a shot of espresso for your eyes. Do you wake up with dark circles and a dull complexion? Or even if you can’t see much of a difference in your complexion, maybe you didn’t get enough sleep and your eye area feels tired and dry. Either way, Baggage Claim is full of aloe leaf extract that adds a cooling effect while soothing and depuffing the skin. Also, it’s full of a blend of 17 amino acids that help with the skin’s hydration and texture. Basically, Baggage Claim will help wake you up, and if it doesn’t… it will at least help you fake awake.

Why Do I Need Baggage Claim Eye Masks?

Let’s talk about a few reasons you need to have an under eye mask in your beauty routine. The first is to prep the skin for makeup. After removing Baggage Claim, you’ll notice that your under eye area feels soft and moisturized. This is a perfect canvas for concealer. It will go on smoothly, and because your skin is hydrated, it will stay put all day. The second reason is that wearing under eye masks while you apply eyeshadow helps to catch the fallout. So while Baggage Claim is working its magic, it’s also multitasking as a landing pad for all of your extra eyeshadow. That way, when you’re done with your fab smokey eye, you’re prepped and ready to keep going. Finally, if you’re just extra tired and your dark circles are extra dark, Baggage Claim will come to your rescue. And when the struggle is just a little too real, layer on our Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer. You’ll be able to fake awake in no time.

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