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Summer's Here: Here Are The 10 Products You Should Have In Your Beach Bag

By Max Brockbank | May 20, 2019
wander beauty dive in moisturizer

With summer right around the corner and things heating up, it’s essential that your beach bag is packed and ready to go so you’re always ready to soak up the season. We’re taking the guesswork out of packing: These are the 10 products that every beauty must have in her bag when she hits the shore this summer.

Slap On Some Sunscreen

We know you’ve been hearing this one since you were old enough to talk, but sunscreen is our number one beach time essential (and for that matter, daily beauty essential). Being at the beach, poolside or spending any time outdoors calls for hours of sun exposure which as we know by now isn’t the most ideal scenario for your skin. Using a long lasting sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 will protect you from 97% of the sun’s harmful rays for nearly 30 times longer than you would be without sunscreen on. Even in the dead of winter, you should be slathering SPF onto your face each and every day to prevent damage from the sun.

Lather Those Lips

Let’s not forget about those lips. The skin on the lips is just as vulnerable to get sunburnt as your shoulders or chest, yet they are easily forgotten about. But once that sensitive area is damaged, it’s hard not to think about! That is why protecting them by using a balm that has SPF is a must when you’re in that hot summer sun. After you’ve spent the day in the sun, grab a super moisturizing lip treatment such as Lip Retreat Oil, which combines treatment and color, to deeply nourish and moisturize lips. Lip Retreat Oil is enriched with oils including apricot kernel and avocado oil, as well as vitamin E which all work towards healing the lips. Plus, it comes in four shades that will take you from pool to play. What’s summer without al fresco meals after a day in the sun, right?

Wander Beauty Lip Retreat Oil
Heat Calls for Hats

Floppy hats, baseball caps, bucket hats (they’re back for 2019), whichever you prefer! Tossing a hat in your beach bag this summer will have your scalp thanking you. The scalp is one of those places, especially on those with a full head of hair, that tend to be neglected when it comes to sun protection - no one wants to grease up a good blowout with cream SPF. Yet, neglecting the scalp can turn ugly fast. A sunburnt scalp can lead to unsightly dandruff and a constant urge to itch and that’s never cute… but a floppy beach hat always is!

More Moisturizer Please!

When heading anywhere warm, make sure to toss your favorite moisturizer in your tote bag. Moisturizer is a skincare essential here all year round and even more so during these hot summer months. Dehydrated skin is never fun, and paired with sun exposure, you’ll want to give your skin some extra love. We recommend a moisturizer that contains ingredients such as Pentavitin which will lock in moisture for hours. We’ve all been there, where you spend one to many hours in the sun and your skin feels extremely tight after. This is not comfortable or healthy for your skin: Hydrated skin is happy skin. So just as you would chug a water bottle after a long day outside, lather yourself up in a fabulous moisturizer!

Say Hello to Aloe

Sometimes when we are at the beach, pool or lake, we aren’t always thinking about protecting ourselves from the sun, so if you do end up getting burnt we want you to be prepared! Having a small bottle of aloe in your bag is ideal for these moments. Aloe vera is known as the “burn plant” because of its many cooling and healing properties. Studies show aloe works to relieve the pain sunburns may cause, help avoid peeling and deeply moisturize and repair skin after damage has been done. This magic little plant comes conveniently in a bottle and sold at almost any drug store making it a perfect beach bag essential! To continue the cooling effects beyond the pool, reach for beauty products that have aloe in their formulas for extra relief, like Extra Mileage Hair Refresher, Glow Getter Mist or Baggage Claim Eye Masks.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks
Bronze It Up

By now we know how harmful sun exposure can be, but we would all be lying if we said we don’t all love that bronzy look we get after sitting out for hours. Good news: You don’t need to cook yourself to look like a bronzed babe! Grab a bronzer in a shade slightly deeper than your skin tone and a blush that mimics your natural flush so that you can fake it ‘til you make it. A Trip For Two Bronzer and Blush Duos combine both into a single palette, which is ideal for getting that sunkissed look. Trip For Two comes in two shades to work on any skintone. This is perfect to pop in your beach bag and quickly apply some color on the go.

Get Your Glow On

Kicking the tanning habits means getting rid of tanning oil as well. Getting rid of the oil doesn't mean you need to lose that glow! Toss a product in your bag that will deliver the same radiant result, without making you a magnet for the sun. Team Wander’s favorite beach hack is to simply spritz a bit of our favorite mist on your face and body, or even use a bit of liquid highlighter (mixed into your SPF) to fake that glowy look. We use items such as our Glow Getter Mist or even Glowtion for a beautiful sheen.

Don’t Forget About Your Hair

Beachy waves are a must when things heat up, so keeping the hair fresh and gorgeous on-the-go is a total must. Toss in your favorite hair refresher, like Extra Mileage Hair Refresher, to keep hair fresh even when things get hot.

Stay Fresh While You Sweat

As unflattering as it is to admit, summer means sweat and most of the time it doesn’t look or smell cute. This is why having a great body mist or deodorant in the beach bag is an awesome way to stay refreshed even while resting on the sand.

Stay Shady

Sunglasses, like so many other products mentioned, are fabulous for protecting the skin on the face. Especially when it is in the eye area where the skin is so sensitive and susceptible to damage. Sunnies are a must-have in our beach bag for not only looking amazing, but keeping our eyes and under eyes safe! Feeling extra about staying out of the sun? Reach for a UV blocking visor - one of our favorite tips from The Skinny Confidential!

What are you packing in your beach bag this summer? Snap a pic and tag @wander_beauty on Instagram so we can check out your beach essentials!

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