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Relax and Reset: Our Top Tips

By Max Brockbank | Nov 02, 2021
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It seems like the new year just started but we're already almost a month into 2021! As the whirlwind rush of the holidays has finally passed, we can all use some relaxing and resetting. Now is the perfect time to start some new habits that will set you up for a successful rest of the year! Read on for five tried and true tips from Team Wander.

1. Create a morning routine and stick to it

Start your day off on the right foot! Taking 5-10 minutes (or more) for yourself each morning can create a positive foundation for your day. Some of our favorite morning rituals include meditation, journaling, and yoga. The most important thing about morning routines is sticking to them.

2. Take cooler showers

Try showering with warm water instead. While hot water may feel spa-like, dermatologists have found that hot showers can dehydrate skin, speed signs of aging, and even exacerbate some skin conditions. We know the occasional hot shower can be irresistible so moderation is key! If you do indulge, just make sure to keep it short.

3. Rest, rest, rest!

We know it’s easier said than done. There’s always something to do, and never enough time. But even on our busiest days, it’s important to make the time to rest. A 20 minute nap or enjoying a cup of tea are simple ways to reset and center yourself for everything remaining on your to-do list. Top experts note that rest actually increases productivity. When you have a lot to do, it's even more important to take a moment to reset and recharge. Rather than thinking of rest as time better spent checking off tasks, think of it as giving yourself an extra productivity boost.

4. Make mealtime mindful

During breakfast, lunch, or dinner, try to put down your phone and refrain from multitasking. Being mindful and present during meals lets us enjoy the food and allows our bodies to naturally tell us when we’re full. When we’re distracted, we miss that signal and can end up overeating and feeling sluggish and bloated. So, take yourself off of autopilot and enjoy the time spent just eating. Notice what your food tastes like and how you feel as you eat. You’ll find your body will tell you exactly what you need!

5. SPF is an unskippable skincare step

Take your time and enjoy your daily skincare routine. Don't forget the sunscreen! It protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to prevent skin damage. Without SPF, any actives applied, like AHAs, Vitamin C, retinoids, react with the sun and damage your skin. Make SPF the last step in your morning skincare routine and reapply it every two hours for all day protection.

Let us know how you relax and reset @Wander_Beauty!