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Every Hack You Need To Get Your Glow On From Beach Side to Desk Side

By Max Brockbank | Jun 28, 2019
wander beauty hidden glow brightening cream

Summer is in full swing, so we know that means each day’s routine might look a little different since schedules are tight with work and play. Whether you’re laying on a beach or you’re sitting in back-to-back meetings, you shouldn’t go without your summer shine. No matter what you have on your calendar for the day, Team Wander is here to help you glow.

Shore-side Shimmer

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself beach side this summer, we have the perfect skincare combo to naturally glow and protect. Try mixing together facial SPF and a liquid highlight for a full face of warmth, shimmer, and protection. Our Catch The Light Highlighter & Glowtion is packed with skin-loving ingredients, so you’re nourishing your skin while you’re glowing.

Polished Poolside

Relaxing by the pool is our favorite way to spend a summer Saturday. There’s nothing better than throwing your hair in a bun, grabbing your sunnies, and heading out for a day of sunbathing. The last thing you want to do on your day of relaxation is put on makeup, so that’s why we created Hidden Glow. Hidden Glow is a two-in-one skincare and makeup hybrid, so it can be used to prep skin for makeup or worn alone for a radiant complexion. It’s filled with golden light diffusing optics that instantly brightens skin and adds warmth, so throw on a quick layer and dive in! Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen.

9-to-5 Shine

Just because you aren’t in the sun, doesn’t mean you should lose your shine! For those days that you’re hustling in the office, Glow Ahead Illuminating Oil is about to become your best friend. This is a perfect prep for makeup, providing natural radiance under your foundation. This multitasker brightens over time, so you’re feeding your skin the nourishment it needs, while still feeling glam.

Saturday Night Sparkle

Finally, it’s the weekend, and you deserve a night out with your girlfriends! For a look that will keep you glowing all night long, try wearing Hidden Glow under your foundation. After finishing your makeup, use the stick side of Catch The Light Highlighter & Glowtion to highlight the high points of your face. With this combination, you’ll sparkle like the city lights.

What’s your favorite way to get your glow on? Let us know @wander_beauty!

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