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Multitasking Mama Essentials: The Beauty Products Every New Mom Needs

By Max Brockbank | Jun 28, 2019
mom applying wander beauty make-up for her daughter

Every mom knows that it is just as difficult to get ready in the morning as it was to land a man on the moon. From making breakfast, to dropping the kids off at school to speeding to your 9 to 5 job, you barely have time for yourself. Especially if you’re a new mom, you may still be figuring out how to nail down your beauty routine while taking care of your tot. But don’t worry - we’ve done the work for you. Below, you’ll find the top 10 beauty products that will keep you gorgeous on the go, so you won’t have to slow down.

On-the-Glow Blush & Illuminator

Just because you’re a mommy doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your beauty routine. Sometimes, putting on a bit of lipstick is exactly what you need to feel put together, even when you’re exhausted. But in reality, who has time to sit down at their vanity and do a full glam look? Certainly not you! On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminator is a dual ended blush and highlighter that works just as hard as you do. This perfect multitasker is a full face in a stick: It works on eyes, lips and cheeks as eyeshadow, lipstick and blush/highlight. The best part is each end blends out with your fingertips allowing you to take your beauty on the go.

Belly Butter

Any mom can attest that having kids puts your body to work in many ways, and your skin may have stretched a little more than we may have preferred. No worries though: Grabbing a belly butter will help diminish stretch marks will be your saving grace! Reach for Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter or Mamma Mio Tummy Rub Butter.

Extra Mileage Hair Refresher

Balancing work, friends, the kids and hubby leaves you barely anytime to get those beautiful blowouts you used to love. Extra Mileage Hair Refresher is a non-aerosol hair refresher that works at absorbing any excess oil and adding volume and texture, letting you extend your styles between washes.


Although it’s easy to forget, making sure you are healthy and taken care of should be in a top priority. You have to fill your own cup before you can fill others’! This process is made easier when you have a reliable, natural vitamin that works to cater your exact health needs. Reach for Hum Vitamins for all of your vitamin needs - their delicious gummies will make you want to take your medicine in the morning.

Nude Eyeliner

Whether the baby was up all night, the boss had you working OT, or you finally had that date night you and your significant other desperately needed, you were up late and need to not look like it. A nude eyeliner will come to your rescue. It works to brighten your eyes and helps you fake your awake.

Beauty Sleep

Let’s be real: Sleep may not be happening as often as it used to for you as a mom, but that means you have to make the most of those hours that you do get. Reach for a silky sleep mask from Slip to block out light while protecting the delicate area that is your eyes.

A Hydrating Lip Product

This is a must have for every momma out there! A soothing lippie to toss in your purse like our Lip Retreat Lip Oil should be on you at all times to guarantee luscious lips with a touch of color to keep you looking and feeling put together.

Vitamin C Serum

Skin may be feeling dull when your sleep is lacking - so reach for a serum with brightening ingredients, like Vitamin C. A Vitamin C Serum is a must have if you are looking to brighten, firm and even your skin tone.


Tell the kids that you’ll BRB as you slather on some BRB. This perfect multitasker is an exfoliator containing plant-derived cellulose which can be used on your face, lips or all over your body in the shower! It is great for smoothing skin’s texture and is enriched with fruit enzymes to help brighten your complexion.

Send Your Bags Packing

Did the kids keep you up all night? There’s nothing that gives away how exhausted you are quicker than dark under eye bags and tired eyes. Reach for an under eye mask that won’t slide, like Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks, that you can rock as you continue on with your to-do list, since multitasking is a mom’s middle name.

What are your must-have beauty products as a new (or veteran) mom? Let us know @wander_beauty!

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