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Poolside Beauty: Here's How to Wear Makeup To The Beach or Pool

By Emily Chiang | May 27, 2019
Poolside Beauty: Here's How to Wear Makeup To The Beach or Pool

Going makeup-free during the summer may be your thing, but there’s also nothing wrong with rocking a bit of glam to the pool. Whether it’s a quick swipe of mascara or a major glow, you do you when it comes to beachside beauty. We’re here to break down how to lock in your look at the beach, pool or anywhere the summer heat may take you.

Bye, Bye to Racoon Eyes

As much as we adore having long luscious lashes, the idea of having your favorite mascara running down your face may be all too familiar. If you’re someone who swears by having a lash no matter the location, you know that there’s nothing worse than taking a refreshing dunk only to come up with mascara dripping down your face, or having a sweaty day leave you with mascara that’s taken a trip beyond your lashes. That’s why we reach for a water-resistant or waterproof mascara when the heat hits.

Waterproof mascara has a fancy ingredient in it known as dimethicone copolyol, which is a silica which acts as a water repellent. This allows the beads of water to simply roll off your lashes instead of taking the mascara with them. This way you can swim, sweat and spend hours outside with full lashes.

Lock In that Look

Whether its the beach, pool, lake or boardwalk, we can all agree on one thing: Summers along the coast can become brutally hot. What’s not hot? Having your foundation running off on you. That’s why grabbing your favorite setting spray or powder is essential to help secure your glam throughout the day!

Our personal favorite is our Glow Getter Mist which is enriched with ingredients such as glacier water to calm and soothe irritated skin as well as Propolis Extract to help give skin an even tone as well as moisturize, while maintaining a glowy look.

To keep things matte, reach for a translucent powder to finish off your look. We keep Play All Day Translucent Powder on us at all times to keep our look matte on the go.

Brow Game Strong

Who doesn’t love a good brow? You know team Wander does! Brows are the frame of your face, so for some, not rocking a brow isn’t an option. Ensuring your brows stay locked and loaded all day make sure to have a bomb brow pencil and eyebrow wax to keep them in place to withstand the hottest of temps. A must-have in a brow pencil is one that’s enriched with skin-loving ingredients but one that will also is guaranteed to be smear-proof and last for hours. Once you’ve found your perfect pencil, adding a brow gel or wax is a great way to make sure your brows stand up the heat, while helping your pencils pigment last even longer. This is ideal for those days in the pool or beach because a gel or wax will harden slightly, locking the brows into place.

What are your favorite tips for looking hot, even in the heat? Tell us in the comments or send us a DM @wander_beauty!